14 part-time jobs that still pay well


Earn more while working less – this is the dream of many workers who are sick of working 40 hours or more per week. Working fewer hours can lead to reduced stress at work and a better work-life balance, or a part-time job can allow you to increase your income with a weekend gig or a side activity.

However, if you are interested in part-time work, it can be difficult to find the right job. While workers may prefer part-time hours, it may seem that the best jobs and benefits are limited to full-time hours.

Maybe you are interested in earning a living wage with a part-time job and want to know what those jobs are like. To kickstart your research, FinanceBuzz analyzed the data to find jobs with less than 40 hours per week that pay well.

We used an online data analysis tool from IPUMS to assess occupational data from the American Community Survey 2017 and identify occupations in which at least 25% of workers worked less than 35 hours per week. .

We then compared those occupations with the most recent salary data for each occupation available through the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as of May 2018. From there, we narrowed it down to the highest paying jobs for which the part-time work is common.

Here are what we have found to be the highest paying jobs for 35 hours or less per week.

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