3D projections generate 25% of global ticket sales

As Jurassic World Dominion smashes its way through the summer box office, ticket sales may signal a return to 3D. The jurassic world The franchise made a strong comeback at the box office this year with a domestic premiere of $143 million. Despite mixed reviews from critics, Jurassic World Dominion seems to be getting a warmer reception from audiences with an A- on Cinemacore and a 79% viewership rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

According Varietypremium formats, which include 3D and Imax screenings, accounted for 25% of Jurassic World Dominion’s worldwide box office. Despite losing popularity over the years, these numbers could indicate that 3D still has some leg room at the box office.

The release of Avatar in 2009 popularized the application of stereoscopic 3D in cinema. Critics and audiences praised it for its immersive and innovative use of 3D when it first hit theaters. Although some may have considered it a gimmick, the james Cameron epic proved popular by becoming the highest-grossing film of all time, the first to surpass $2 billion at the worldwide box office.


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Movie studios took notice of Avatar’s success and quickly began capitalizing on 3D. Almost every major blockbuster released after Avatar would be advertised post-converted to 3D with little efficiency, the most notable example being Clash of the Titans which was published only four months after Avatar. While several films have received recognition and acclaim for their use of technology, such as Pi’s life and Gravity, many were seen as nothing more than a quick cash grab. Due to the misapplication of technology in many blockbusters, audiences began to lose interest in 3D as ticket sales for the medium continued to decline over the years.

However, with the box office figures of Domination with a 25% increase in 3D ticket sales, the public could once again be interested in this medium. After 13 years, Cameron will finally bring audiences back to the world of Pandora with Avatar: The Way of the Water on December 16 which will apply the same 3D cinema that it popularized in 2009. The original Avatar The film will also be re-released in theaters on September 23 with remastered picture and sound that will give audiences the chance to relive the film in its native format. The more films released this year, the clearer the future of 3D will be.

Jurassic World Dominion now plays exclusively in theaters.

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