6 bizarre laws currently on the books in Buffalo

We are all very aware of the long arm of the law. We know most of the things we’re not supposed to do. We know that an eight-sided red sign means stop at an intersection. And that the ones with the white trim are optional… At least that’s what my dad told me.

We know that when school bus lights are flashing, we have to stop until the lights go out. We all know you can’t rob or murder someone, or a host of other laws that are just common knowledge.

But in a more Buffalo way, there are several laws that are actually on the books in our beautiful city that you may not be aware of. And some of them will leave you speechless.

Standing sideways in an elevator – So I’m that guy who likes to walk into a crowded elevator and face the wrong direction. You should see all the embarrassed looks I get. Who knew it was technically illegal to do it in an elevator in Buffalo? The law says “don’t talk to anyone and cross your hands when looking at the door”

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Wear slippers after 10 p.m. — chances are, if you’re reading this and you live in Western New York, you own a pair of slippers. Hell, I own 3 of these myself. But you probably didn’t know that it’s illegal to wear them after 10 p.m.

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Throw a ball at someone’s head – If I had known this one when I was a child, I would have ended up with much more than a bar of soap in my mouth. I mean seriously, how are you supposed to play a good game of dodgeball with this law in place? If you can dodge a key, you can dodge a bullet. Don’t throw it at someone’s head. Please and thank you.
PS: This also applies to snowballs

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It is forbidden to drink soup in public – The next time you cozy up to a bowl of your favorite chicken wing soup in a public place, keep this one in mind. Chances are you’ve broken this one in the past, but if the soup police catch you sipping… NO SOUP FOR YOU!

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Hanging clothes without a permit – So I haven’t really hung my clothes outside since I was a kid growing up in my parents’ house. So, thanks to the miracle of modern technology known as the dryer, this one hasn’t been a problem for me. But, if you like the crisp smell of outdoor laundry, make sure you have your papers in order.

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Carry an ice cream cone, in your pocket on Sunday – I wish I had lived in a time when people walked around on Sundays with ice cream cones in their pockets with reckless abandon. I mean, seriously, was it such a big deal that they had to put this law on the books?

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