Argus-Courier sets record with 19 California Journalism Award wins

Each year, the California Journalism Awards invite hundreds of newspapers from across the state, from small weeklies like the Argus-Courier to major daily newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, to submit their best work from the previous year. In the 2021 competition, the Argus-Courier received 19 accolades, including first place for Newsom Recall Coverage, COVID-19 Pandemic Coverage, Land Use Reporting, Agricultural Reporting, photo essay, photojournalism and sports action photography.

“The Argus-Courier has always topped its weight class when it comes to the California Journalism Awards,” said editor Emily Charrier. “We don’t do this for recognition, but it’s wonderful when our dedicated staff are honored for their hard work and contributions.

Organized by the California News Publishers Association, entries are judged by journalists from across the state, as well as experts in the field from across the country. The competition is divided according to the size of a newspaper’s circulation and whether it is weekly or daily, which puts the Argus-Courier in the 4,301-11,000 weekly division.

“The awards for our website are especially satisfying,” said Charrier, who was recently elected chairman of the board of the California News Publisher’s Association. “The future of journalism is online, and we strive to give our readers fresh news every day.”

First place

Cover of Newsom’s Recall: “Meet the state senator spending big to keep Newsom in powerby Tyler Silvy

With less than two weeks remaining until the first recall election since 2003, local Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, became Newsom’s biggest supporter in the state legislature. This story explored the reasons why.

Coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic: “A frontline worker’s uphill battle against COVID“, by Kathryn Palmer, Crissy Pascual

This moving story showed the dramatic impact of the pandemic on frontline workers, with tight writing and emotional photography.

Land Use Report: “Petaluma’s second SMART stationby Kathryn Palmer and Tyler Silvy

The saga to build Petaluma’s second SMART station has been the subject of much discussion in the Argus, leading to more than a dozen stories in 2021.

Agricultural reports: “The fight against cannabis intensifies in the Petaluma countrysideby Tyler Silvy and Crissy Pascual

Residents’ concern about the expansion of the cannabis industry in Sonoma County was detailed with strong reporting and good writing, the judges said.

Photo documentary: “steam landingby Crissy Pascual

The heartbreaking images of homeless residents with nowhere to go were powerfully portrayed in this photo essay.

Photojournalism: by Crissy Pasqual

The incredible work of long-time Argus photographer Crissy Pascual, including dozens of photos taken throughout the year, was recognized with a top prize.

Sports action photo: “Minna Stessby Crissy Pascual

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