Arlington Photographer’s New Project Features Brood X Cicadas | WDVM25 and DCW50



ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) – A picnic on a beach, the Olympics or the moon – these are all places cicadas are pictured Oxana Articles‘s have been in their short lifespan.

While she normally photographed newborns in a studio, the family photographer and mother of three decided to combine her love of wildlife and take photos in her latest project, featuring Brood X Cicadas.

The project started as a way to teach her children not to be afraid of red-eyed insects.

“When they started to emerge, my kids started to tire of these huge bugs. I wanted to teach them to just be playful, ”Ware said.

Ware began to place the cicadas in different environments. Called “Brood X AdventuresInsects have traveled all over the world. The cicadas have climbed Mt. Everest and beyond.

“Now that we’ve climbed to the highest point on planet Earth, the only logical place to go is space,” Ware said.

One of Ware’s latest backdrops will send the cicadas to the moon, which she plans to shoot in her basement studio. She says the project is supposed to be stupid – and that no cicadas were harmed while taking these photos.

“They’re all alive, they’re all fine. I never force them to do things. If they don’t want to participate, they fly away, ”she said.

The little county photographer grabbed national headlines for her cicada photography. And while she says she had no intention of her passion going global and would rather stay behind the lens in the future, she encourages everyone to pursue a passion project.

“I think we should all be doing something that makes you really happy and disconnects you. He doesn’t need to have a reasonable explanation of why you want to do it, just do it because it’s fun. And hey, look where that took me, ”Ware said.

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