Art All Night: open house exhibition and Arabic live music

Don’t miss Art All Night, DC’s free nightly arts festival at the Middle East Institute Art Gallery! Stop by to see our latest exhibition More Than Your Eyes Can See while enjoying live music from Muath Edriss and Manoe Dalage. Live oud and tambourine music at 8 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Enjoy captivating photographs by 15 artists from the Arab world and its diaspora who are redefining photography in the region. Through photojournalism and fine art photography, these artists offer highly personal reflections on the daily experiences of individuals across the Middle East in relation to themes of youth culture, identity and LGBT communities. , as well as the devastating effects of climate change on rural communities.

More Than Your Eyes Can See is curated by Laila Abdul Hadi Jadallah and curated in partnership with Tribe, a non-profit publication and platform focused on documenting photography, film and video from the Arab world.

The exhibition runs until October 21, 2022. Visitors are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the MEI Gallery (above) Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibition is also available online on the MEI’s Arts and Culture page.

Artists: Mohammad Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia), Eman Ali (Oman), Amr Attamimi (Yemen), Zied Ben Romdhane (Tunisia), Imane Djamil (Morocco), Farah Foudeh (Jordan), Rula Halawani (Palestine), Yasmine Hatimi (Morocco) ), Samar Hazboun (Palestine), Amir Hazim (Iraq), M’hammed Kilito (Morocco), Seif Kousmate (Morocco), Fethi Sahraoui (Algeria), Najla Said (Egypt) and Ismail Zaidy (Morocco).

About the artist

Muath Edriss
Muath Edriss is a professional Arabic oud player and DMV based DJ. He is the founder of Muath Limited, Best Voice winner and Arab America Ambassador for Arab America. As part of his repertoire, Edriss composed the national anthem of the United States of America in Arabic. He will be accompanied by a Jordanian musician, drummer and drummer Manoe Dalage.

In partnership with

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