Art exhibitions to discover in Bangkok in June

Appreciate the local creatives and get inspired by these art exhibitions in Bangkok this June.

Bangkok has seen exponential growth in the art scene in recent years. Whether it’s art galleries, talented artists or art lovers, the metropolis has observed a growing interest in all aspects. This led to a plethora of art exhibitions across the capital. Keep up to date with what’s happening on the art scene with our monthly column. Here are five art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok in June 2022.

[Hero and featured image credit: River City Bangkok]

5 art exhibitions to discover in Bangkok in June 2022

“Gifts of the Sea” by Anna Zolotukhina

Image credit: Central: The Original Store

‘Gifts of the Sea’ is Central: The Original Store’s latest exhibit and was launched to raise awareness of World Environment Day which took place earlier this week on June 5, 2022. This exhibit of eco-responsible art presents the works of Russian artist Anna Zolotukhina, produced in collaboration with Whale Tail Phuket. The exhibition showcases a collection of beautiful recycled decorative art created from waste, with the aim of raising awareness of the earth-destroying problem of plastic pollution.

‘Gifts of the Sea’ is on display until June 26, 2022 at Central: The Original Store. Find out more via the website.

“People and their world” by Jatenipat Ketpradit

Photo credit: River City Bangkok

This solo photographic exhibition, “People and their world”, is without a doubt a must. Jatenipat Ketpradit, also known as JKBoy, captures the lives of tribal people around the world in many locations including the Altai Mountains, the Mongolian-Russian border, Siberut and Ethiopia. In order to capture the photographs that realistically portray the life and spirit of the tribes, the Thai photographer lived with people from different tribes as he faced harsh weather conditions, harsh terrains and differences cultural. The series of photographs in this exhibition have received several distinctions, including “Photographer of the Year 2021”, three gold medals, etc.

“People and Their World” is on display until June 30, 2022 at River City Bangkok. Find out more via the website.

“Out of This World” by Tawee Ratchaneekorn and Torlarp

Image credit: MOCA Bangkok

A double exhibition of two artists from different generations, “Out of this World”, as its name suggests, is about creating art that goes beyond the ordinary. In this exhibition, Tawee Ratchaneekorn lets his imagination run wild as he creates art that helps him escape current social problems and disparate circumstances and, therefore, place his hope in future generations. On the other hand, unlike the vision of the future, Torlarp Larpjaroensook explores the past through layers of time and space by investigating our roots, a memory of self and our precedents. This exhibit embraces the science fiction genre, and it’s where the future meets the past in the present.

‘Out of this World’ is on view until July 10, 2022 at MOCA Bangkok. Find out more via the website.

“and then there were three” by Sigurd Bronger, Runa Vethal Stølen and Reinhold Ziegler

Image credit: ATTA Gallery

The ATTA gallery collects and presents the solo exhibitions of three Norwegian contemporary jewelry artists: Sigurd Bronger, Runa Vethal Stølen and Reinhold Ziegler. The exhibition showcases a plethora of exquisite arts and crafts pieces that offer insight into the realm of contemporary fine art jewelry. Different styles, different concepts, different shapes, different materials, different techniques under the same name: “and then there were three”.

‘and then there were three’ is on display until July 31, 2022 at the ATTA gallery. Find out more via the website.

‘PULSE Chroma 2022 – Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Wellbeing’ by PULSE Social Enterprise

Image credit: PULSE Gallery

In commemoration of Pride Month 2022, PULSE Social Enterprise is launching an exhibit that celebrates diversity and inclusion in a loud and proud way. “PULSE Chroma 2022 – Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Wellbeing” showcases a wide range of artworks including photography, digital arts, fine art and light installations . All works are exhibited and sold at the five locations of the PULSE Gallery in Bangkok.

“PULSE Chroma 2022 – Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Well-Being” is on display until August 31, 2022 at PULSE Gallery. Find out more via the website.

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