Belle and BEASTARS show how 3D models change based on angle – Interest

The character modeler explains that using the same model in every shot results in an inconsistent look

A interview with the CG team of BEAUTIFUL from July 2021, the trend started on social media last week when the CG host austin hardwicke highlighted the shape of the facial blend and how the 3D model changes depending on the angle.

In the interview, character modeler Chiaki Watanabe explained that using the same model in every type of shot makes for an inconsistent look: “It was hard to put [Takaaki Yamashita‘s] designs together in a three-dimensional form and we struggled with that. When you add as much stereoscopic effect to the frontal face as you would to the side profile face you get too much shadow, and if you have as much white of the eye visible in the mid profile face you would in the side profile face, it doesn’t look as pretty. In the end, we have prepared front face, mid profile and side profile models. They were then reflected back into the face rig.”

She also noted that the film had many shots that revolved around the character, so they couldn’t use forms that looked “too animated”. character leader Suguru Sato added that some features such as freckles would break if her facial expression changed, so they needed to be incorporated into the mesh. He said they spent over two months modeling his face alone.

After the BEAUTIFUL pictures started trending, Orange (BEASTARS, Land of the Shining) published its own process for BEASTARS, using Haru’s bunny character as an example:

OrangeThe English Twitter account explained that the tool used for this process is called “automorph”. Because changing a character’s 3D model for each shot creates too much work for animators, the studio uses a tool to automatically transform the model. However, in BEASTARS specifically, the Rabbits are the only characters that use the automorph, as other characters such as the Wolf and the Stag have muzzles that contain deeper three-dimensional information.

BEAUTIFUL opened in Japan on July 16. GKIDS began screening the film in English and Japanese with English subtitles in the United States on January 14. Mamoru Hosoda (The girl who crossed time, summer wars, The boy and the beast, Mirailisten)) directed and wrote the film, and is also credited for the original work. The film marks Chizu studio10th anniversary. digital border created the CG world of U depicted in the film.

The first one BEASTARS the television anime debuted on netflix in Japan and Fuji TVit is [+Ultra] programming block and on Nishinippon TV in October 2019. The season started on netflix outside Japan in March 2020. The anime’s second season premiered in January and aired again in Japan on Fuji TVit is [+Ultra] programming block. netflix kicked off the second season outside of Japan on July 15.

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