Bryan Co. MPs now use body cameras


BRYAN COUNTY, GA (WTOC) – This is a big change in Bryan County – Sheriff’s deputies now wear body cameras.

All patrol personnel had to start using the cameras last month. Sheriff says they’re still on and recording and that helps them be more transparent with the community.

Patrol Officers will log in and check the cameras, then their name will appear on the camera when it is ready to go.

The sheriff says body cameras will still capture video, but an officer has to strike a record for it to capture all of the audio. He also pointed out that they are designed so that they are not easy to put out.

“Watch Guard fixed that, so if it’s accidentally bumped, and bumped once, it’s not supposed to shut down.” It has to be intentionally knocked twice for it to shut down, ”Sheriff Mark Crowe said.

It took about a year to get the cameras on due to COVID and weather related issues, but the sheriff said part of his campaign was to equip the entire department with them to be more transparent with the community. .

“It helps the officer in a number of ways. This can exonerate an officer charged with a situation that did not really occur. It can also hurt them in several ways. If they say something didn’t happen and it did, we take disciplinary action. “

They were able to get the cameras funded from the county budget.

“It’s about $ 500-1,000 per box, then iCloud storage on top of that is an extra $ 500 per unit, so we’re looking at a good chunk of the money when you’re talking about 15 or 20 body cameras.”

All of their videos, like the one we recorded today, show up right in their iCloud library. The sheriff says he hopes more agencies will need them in the near future.

“It hasn’t been a normal thing over the past few years to have officers equipped with body cameras, but in the future I think it will be something that will be required by the state of Georgia,” is required by the public itself. “

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