Cameras capture Chula Vista burglars on video; Now it’s the police’s turn – NBC 7 San Diego

Chula Vista police are looking for two burglars and their driver who stole tens of thousands of dollars from two homes on Friday. The burglaries happened less than an hour apart.

“They took all my money, all my belongings,” Angelina Valerio said in tears. “They left nothing.”

Home security video shows two people covered from head to toe jumping out of a red Lexus SUV and breaking into Valerio’s home in the Rolling Hills Ranch neighborhood shortly after 10 a.m. when everyone else was absent on July 15. She said they broke down a glass door leading to the backyard and subdued her two small dogs by pepper spraying them.

Valerio told Chula Vista police they took away tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and cash in less than 30 minutes.

“I want these people to go to jail,” said Valerio’s sister, Yolanda Rigonan. “I want some of my sister’s things returned.”

Security video shows the burglars getting back into the red SUV and driving off. Chula Vista police confirm the same Lexus was likely used in another burglary less than a mile an hour earlier.

“I’m so scared to go into my own garden, to walk with my dogs,” Volario said. “I’m afraid someone will attack us. No, I don’t feel safe anymore.”

Valerio said her two dogs were fine, but the pepper spray burned her arms when she first tried to pick them up.

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