Canon EOS R5 is the best price ever for Black Friday with a saving of £ 450


The brilliant Canon EOS R5 and its more affordable sibling, the Canon EOS R6, have been in short supply almost since their launch last year. But now, thanks to the savings on Black Friday cameras, both cameras are not only in stock in multiple locations, but are enjoying substantial discounts.

Thanks to a Canon Double Cashback run during Black Friday, the Canon EOS R5 got a generous £ 450 – bringing the effective price down to under £ 4000 for the first time.

The Canon EOS R6 also gets a rebate reduction of £ 450, bringing its cost to under two thousand.

While the headline-grabbing EOS R5 offers a high-resolution 45 MP sensor for spectacular photos and is capable of shooting 8K video, the EOS R6 makes it a bit more real with a 20-inch sensor. 1 MP for blazing speed and performance.

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They both have their pros and cons, but both are some of the best full frame mirrorless cameras today. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for top-notch video capabilities, you’ll have to go for the EOS R5. It’s also perfect for high-resolution shots – whether it’s landscapes or wildlife – for very detailed and crisp images.

Needless to say, this may be overkill for some users, and that’s where the EOS R6 comes in. It’s a smarter option for most photographers and also happens to be a much cheaper alternative to the DSLR. Canon’s flagship sports digital EOS 1-DX Mark III. It’s also better for low-light photography, thanks to the lower pixel count (hence larger pixels), and its two card slots support the cheaper and more commonly available SD format.

And the number of native Canon RF lenses is gradually increasing with some truly innovative lenses now available. So buy one of the lower cost Canon cameras now before this double refund ends on November 30th. For full terms and conditions, see the Canon Cash Back webpage.

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