Clark State 1 of 3 President Honored as Clark County Woman Extraordinary

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Each winner received a portrait taken by a student photographer as part of the Jericho project. This year, Samaira and Saria Peterson and Jaiden and Jadie Welliford took the photos.

“We were honored once again to work with the WPF to celebrate some amazing women in our community,” Project Jericho officials said. “Since 2014, Project Jericho photographers have partnered with each of the Extraordinary Women of Clark County Award winners to interview and photograph them.”

Guest speakers at the event were Stephen Massey, CitiLookout’s Chief Operating Officer, and Melissa Massey, CitiLookout’s Crime Victims Advocate. The master of ceremonies was Krissy Brown, associate creative director of the Springfield Arts Council.

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“The WPF addresses the ongoing barriers that women face when trying to achieve their full potential in the Springfield community. We want to create an ongoing source of funds for existing Clark County programs that address some of the greatest challenges facing women today,” a college official said in a statement.

Some of the challenges include domestic violence, training and education, decent wage employment, housing, transportation, health care, family planning, and self-sufficiency.

“WPF’s mission is to transform the lives of women and girls in the Clark County area by mobilizing the collective power and passion of women working together through philanthropy,” the statement read.

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