Consumer credit production rebounded sharply in November. According to the latest survey published by the ASF (Association of Financial Companies), all types of loans are up.

“Classic” credits up 8.6%

"Classic" credits up 8.6%

Activity jumped 12.3% in November compared to last year in the corresponding period. Or rather”rebound”: the production tended to stagnate in recent months. In terms of volumes, the sector is worth 3,405 million euros in November, against 3,031 million euros a year earlier.” The market is recovering but remains very degraded: at the end of November, the cumulative production of the last twelve months was still -14.3% lower than the point reached in September 2008,” says the ASF.

In conventional credit transactions, the numbers still remain good. The credits allocated? They are up 4.5%. Renewable credits? 3.5% increase. Personal loans? + 16%.

For memory,

  • The appropriations allocated are loans directly linked to a conso project (the execution of works for example);

  • They are different from personal loans, which do not require explanations from borrowers when they apply to their bankers;

  • As for revolving credits, they offer a reserve of money available at any time. You repay the loan only when you use all or part of the amount made available.

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LOAs continue to rise sharply

LOAs continue to rise sharply

For their part, leasing transactions with purchase option (LOA) continue to skyrocket to reach 529 million euros (+ 38.3% over one year). A boom that concerns both automotive LOA (+ 37.9%) and” other materials” such as household appliances or furniture (+ 46.2%).

As a reminder, the LOAs make it possible to rent a property and then acquire it definitively for the payment of its residual value.

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