Creative and Technical Director of Emerald | Commercial departments

EMG’s Creative and Technical Director is a professional position that manages Emerald Media Group’s creative and production workflows. The Director will work with Account Executives, plan and manage the production of all Emerald Media publications, paginate special sections and interface with EMG’s printer to ensure quality products are produced. and delivered.

The Creative and Technical Director will work with a team of student writers, account executives, photographers/videographers and designers to produce multiple trade publications, advertising campaigns and other content that contributes to EMG’s annual revenue goals.

The Creative and Technical Director is also responsible for basic IT management including software upgrades, workstations and printers as well as WordPress and TownNews websites.

This is a full-time position, annual salary of $42,000 with benefits. (Post reports to the editor.

Specific tasks

  1. Works directly with the Publisher and Director of Sales and Digital Marketing to increase Emerald’s relevance, readership and revenue across its various publications
  2. Will work alongside students from business departments while teaching and collaborating on design, campaign strategies and best practices within Emerald Media Group and for its clients
  3. Responsible for managing all print workflows and interfacing with our printer to plan and schedule all printed publications
  4. Help manage company design systems, including hardware, software and light server (file) management
  5. Assists and leads the development of new ventures/business strategies
  6. Ensures that all Emerald Media products meet Emerald standards for professionalism, quality, branding and strategy
  7. Consult with clients as needed
  8. Manages a team of student designers, multimedia producers and web developers
  9. Internal IT services, including user support

10. Web Development

11. Uploading Online Ads and Tracking Impressions

12. Daily maintenance of

13. Performs other assigned duties


Experience in graphic design, art direction and project development, including:

  1. Adobe Creative Suite
  2. Pagination and design of publications
  3. advertising design
  4. Digital media and web design
    1. TownNews or WordPress experience
  5. Ability to work alongside and mentor university students
  6. Strong problem solving and communication skills
  7. Ability to excel in a dynamic and entrepreneurial work environment

To apply: Send a cover letter, resume, references and work samples or a link to your website to: [email protected] by Sunday, August 7, 2022.

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