CVS will close Binghamton town center pharmacy earlier than planned


Operations at the CVS Pharmacy on Court Street in Binghamton will cease earlier than planned.

Signs posted at the downtown store are now advising customers that the place will close on November 12.

A sign posted at the CVS Pharmacy store on Court Street on October 18, 2021. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Employees previously told WNBF News that the target date for the shutdown was November 29, although a worker said the shutdown could take place earlier.

There has been a pharmacy on the site at 34 Court Street for almost a century. The Hamlin Red Cross Pharmacy opened there in 1924. It became a CVS operation in 1975.

CVS owns the property where the store is located. People familiar with the site say the Rhode Island-based company is trying to sell it for $ 2 million.

CVS representatives did not respond to a request for comment on the store’s closure.

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