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A Contra Costa County man is accused of placing hidden cameras at several East Bay businesses, including Starbucks restrooms, authorities say.

“At this point, if we were to put a number on it, it would be dozens, maybe a hundred additional new victims,” ​​said Contra Costa County Assistant District Attorney Chris Sansome.

Sansome said he expects more victims to be involved in the case of 54-year-old Steven Novelli. Novelli, who made his first court appearance in Martinez on Thursday, faces dozens of charges for allegedly installing hidden cameras inside Starbucks restrooms in Walnut Creek.

The cameras were reportedly placed under a sink, pointing directly at the toilet. But the investigation has now uncovered evidence, showing that Novelli did the same at three other East Bay businesses.

The district attorney’s office declined to name the businesses, citing an ongoing investigation, but will say they are in Contra Costa County, possibly in downtown Walnut Creek. The camera setup is similar to what they saw in Starbucks.

“It appears that, consistent with Starbucks behavior, there are hidden cameras in the bathrooms in these locations,” Sansome said.

Daniel Greenberg, manager of Main Street Kitchen, located a few blocks from the Walnut Creek Starbucks. After hearing about the case, he said his staff are now checking bathrooms more closely to avoid becoming a target.

“I’m looking for a light, I guess to help me identify if there was something out there. Paying more attention to what’s going on,” Greenburg said.

Janay Mcculough, the owner of Tellus Coffee, told NBC Bay Area on Thursday that they’re also vigilant to make sure their businesses don’t become a target.

“What I find even scarier is that he won’t be the only one, will he? So I think that’s something we need to be on alert with anyway,” he said. she declared.

As for Novelli, he will remain in custody at the Martinez detention center. His next court hearing will be on September 28.

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