Digital Glue & Breakthrough Photography develop the first B4 to RF pro mount for the RED V-RAPTOR & KOMODO

Adding a B4 lens to a modern cinema camera is no easy task. B4 lenses are designed for smaller 2/3 chip sensors, and to get the best coverage some sort of lens is usually needed behind or inside the frame. This solution is not designed for all cameras. This is specifically for the RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO.

Digital Glue worked with Breakthrough Photography to develop a B4 to RF mount. They state that this is the first professional B4 to RF mount for the RED V-RAPTOR and KOMODO. This is a simple mechanical mount that allows owners of B4 2/3″ lenses to use them with the KOMODO at HD 120fps or UHD 60fps with the built-in doubler engaged. If you have a V-RAPTOR, you can use a B4 lens to record HD and up to 240 fps and UHD up to 120 fps with the doubler on. As RED cameras can do a center crop on the sensor, they will work with a wide range of B4 lenses. Center crop mode allows the camera to effectively utilize those lenses designed for much smaller sensors. There are no optics inside the B4 to RF mount.

Adapters like these are pretty niche products and there won’t be a ton of people putting a 2/3″ B4 lens on a RED. Yes, you can use a B4 lens in a live environment or a broadcast scenario, but that is also true for any lens. What you also need to remember is that this is a mechanical adapter, so it’s not going to power a B4 lens and give you servo zoom capabilities. You would need to use an additional solution to be able to power the lens. Yes, you can just use the manual zoom ring, but it defeats the purpose of wanting to use a servo zoom lens in the first place.

Revolutionary Photography BF to RF Adapter 3

It is important to understand that a modern 2/3″ B4 lens will work best. Older B4 lenses that aren’t designed for a single sensor won’t give you the quality you want. You’ll also often find that when using older 2/3″ lenses designed for use on CCD sensors, you’ll get pretty bad chromatic aberration on a modern sensor.

The Digital Glue & Breakthrough Photography B4 to RF mount will be on display at Digital Glue in NAB Booth C4442 along with a fully equipped RAPTOR.

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