Dutch police seek to overhaul body camera equipment – Port Arthur News

NEDERLAND – The Dutch Police Department uses more than 25 body cameras for day-to-day law enforcement in the county town of Mid.

The gear covers new hires and goes to the top, according to Police Chief Gary Porter.

The law veteran told the Dutch city council: “Everyone has one except me. Sometimes I wear one too.

The Netherlands Police Department is looking to supplement their body cameras with new equipment purchased with a grant from the State of Texas.

If approved, the Dutch police would receive around $ 16,000 (corresponding to $ 5,300) and purchase 17 body cameras.

Charging bases, power cables and evidence library storage are also included, according to city manager Chris Duque.

The current Dutch police policy regarding the use of cameras and data collection will remain the same.

Porter said the department’s existing cameras are aging to the point where it’s difficult to get an equipment warranty.

“The grant only provides that we are able to get body cameras for people who regularly do roadside checks, and that would be our patrollers, but it’s a very good opportunity to fund these cameras,” he said. he declares. . “We will still have old ones, but we will have 17 brand new ones. “

City officials have said further camera upgrades will likely be included in the Netherlands’ next tax budget.

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