Enter New York City’s oldest restaurant and bar, 350 years old


America’s oldest and most historic bar, The Old ’76 House, is located in Tappan, New York. It’s about a 40-minute drive from New York City, just off the New Jersey border.

The ’76 House, America’s oldest restaurant, is a three hundred year old structure lovingly restored to pristine condition by the Norden family. Classified as a national monument, the establishment offers much more than historical significance.

It was built over 350 years ago, in 1668. The ’76 house is so old, it was there during the War of Independence and played an important role,

The most famous episode in the history of House 76 is when the rugged tavern served as Major John André’s containment area. Andre was the British spy who conspired with Arch Traitor Benedict Arnold for the surrender of West Point, the keystone of American control of the Hudson River. Militiamen caught André in the act and brought him as a prisoner in Tappan.

The ’76 House serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. The tariff is American, with selections like:

– Spring rolls for Thanksgiving
– Homemade Short Rib Ravioli
– Chicken puff pastry
– Traditional American meatloaf
– Famous Yankee Pot Roast
– Amish chicken
– Treacherous Eggs Benedict Arnold
– Soul Food Chicken and Waffles

It has a 4.4 star rating on Google. Find out what people are saying about it on Google,

Shannon Neal

Was here for a wonderful wedding and absolutely loved the space. There is so much history, that I was able to learn a little from the owner. I went home and watched more, so Americana! The food was amazing, the staff were very nice and seemed to really like where they worked. I would definitely go back for more of this delicious food!

Iris Z. Stucchi by C. de C.

Wonderful place to have a historic beer experience, very tasty food and great service. Highly recommended.

Mack Vismusic

A visit to dewint’s house followed by dinner at this historically significant restaurant made a wonderful day trip from Long Island. My grilled rib eye with a glass of cabernet and bread pudding made for a great overall experience including the historic vibe. This place is a nice contrast to the piermont circus. Yesmenia receives a scream, as do the members of the live music group.

There is a robust live music program including jazz, blues, piano and more. You can check the schedule here.

Credit: Bucket List Bars via Youtube

Credit: Bob McCann via Youtube

You can call 845.359.5476 or visit the Old ’76 House website for more information. The ’76 house is located at 110 Main Street, Tappan, NY.

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