Find out what businesses are willing to pay for MN workers now



I have never seen incentives and compensation offers like the ones that exist now. I wonder how these companies can pay the salaries and offer the incentive programs that they offer and stay in business, but I guess if no one is working there must be money somewhere to share.


I have checked Amazon’s Minnesota job postings, and there are several Minnesota sites where Amazon is offering $ 3,000 signing bonuses as they look to hire 125,000 delivery and warehouse workers across. United States. The Maple Grove, Shakopee, and Blooming areas had jobs with a $ 3,000 bonus when I checked this morning, but not in the St. Cloud area. The pay rates for St. Cloud were around $ 16 and if you get closer to the cities the pay rates were around $ 18 to $ 21.


UPS boasted that you could apply online for a job today and receive a job offer within 30 minutes. Wow! It’s really unheard of. I found four positions available in the St. Cloud area, and one of them was a seasonal personal vehicle driver, with a starting salary of $ 23 an hour. They also had parcel delivery driver positions, and although I didn’t see anything about the signing bonuses, they said they offered “Top Pay”. The website also didn’t say anything about getting a job offer in 30 minutes or less.


Burlington is also hiring at the moment with signing bonuses of up to $ 500, and our St. Cloud store has several positions available. I didn’t know it, but Burlington is among the Fortune Top 100 companies to work for in 2021.

At the end of the day, the employee who is willing to do a good job for their employer can pretty much have their choice of jobs right now, at great rates of pay, and search through many business listings for. these bonus offers. .

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