Fotopod Booth receives the award for the most innovative 360° photo booth of 2022

California-based Fotopod Booth, LLC is a design and manufacturing company specializing in photo booth solutions for customers in the photography, events and corporate industries.

Scheduled to be showcased at Photo Booth Expo 2022 in Las Vegas, Fotopod will launch a completely revolutionary and engaging video capture experience. The 360°ORB is Fotopod’s vision for the hottest 360° photo booth concept on the market in 2022.

“It’s not a trend if you’re the first,” proclaimed Tu Le, chief designer and owner of Fotopod.

Fotopod was able to back up this claim with innovative 360° capture features. This includes the photo booth industry’s first white plus RGB 360° dual-control DMX LED tube, and smart app-controlled lighting technology, combined with a pending modular top-mounted planetary motor design. patent, all wrapped in smooth security. enclosure configuration.

At the pre-launch event in Las Vegas, Tu and his team revealed how challenging yet rewarding it was to bring such a unique product to the video capture and photo booth market. During the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown, the Fotopod team converged remotely, to collaborate on a sleek 360 degree video capture module with the main focus on ease of use, reliability and most importantly, great experience. safer user. “I’m so proud of what our team has accomplished given the challenges of lockdown, remote collaboration and supply chain,” Tu acknowledged.

The 360° ORB design team is made up of technical scientists, mechanical, electrical and robotics engineers, working with Hollywood Imagineers to invent a motorized speaker capture system mounted on the top.

The 360°ORB’s product approach to premium event ownership and public safety is evident in numerous design and hardware features. For example, the curved bulkhead provides an instant crowd control barrier. Therefore, there is no need to bring and set up traditional heavy rope/ribbon stanchions. The curved barrier is intended to contain all the surrounding Pixel Tube LED lights, and therefore, no need for additional lighting tripods. Guests inside the enclosure do not stand on any raised platform. Another new invention is the 360° rotating frame and the dynamic counterweight system. The patent-pending adjustable device, which contains the camera capture device, is designed to immediately disengage from the motor assembly if an object is accidentally struck, such as an unconscious guest. Since the ORB 360° is completely self-powered by the lithium power station, there are no loose power wires or cables, eliminating any occupational hazard.

The 360° ORB, packed with state-of-the-art features, was recently named the Most Innovative 360 ​​Photo Booth -2022 award from the prestigious UK-based Corporate LiveWire Awards. Industry-selected judges announced the 360° ORB as the strongest contender in the crowded 360° photo booth market and selected the 360° ORB as the overall winner for 2022.

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