Four Lane Haggis Shuttle | Why more and more warehouses choose to use stereoscopic four-way shuttle warehouses?

The four lane shuttle truck rack is a popular automated intensive storage rack system in recent years. Many corporate customers have begun upgrading their warehouses from traditional racks to four-lane shuttle truck racks.

As an important material handling equipment for intensive storage, the four-way shuttle is an automatic cargo handling equipment. Its system is composed of a four-way shuttle, a fast elevator, a horizontal transport system, a shelving system and a WMS/WCS management and control system. It is connected with a wireless remote control, combined with RFID, barcode and other identification technologies, to easily realize the automatic identification and storage of products on the shelf. The principle of the four-way shuttle inventory is to place the four-way shuttle on the running track under the pallet. Under the guidance of the remote control or wms system, face the lifting platform of the shuttle, lift the pallet unit and drive it to the destination, then store the goods on the pallet until to the cargo area.

The four-way shuttle truck can also be equipped with a forklift or a stacker, that is, a forklift or a stacker can place the goods of the pallet unit in front of the rail guide rail of the four-way shuttle cart rack, then the warehouse workers can use the four-way shuttle cart with radio remote control to transport the pallet unit on the guide rail of the rack and place it on different rack rails. A four-lane shuttle truck can be used for multiple rack lanes and transported to the corresponding cargo space. The number of four-lane shuttles is determined by comprehensive factors such as the depth of the plateau pavement, the total volume of cargo, and the frequency of entries and exits.


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Higelis four-lane shuttle

The four-lane shuttle is an intelligent four-lane transport robot with high space utilization and flexible configuration. It can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce unnecessary labor costs for enterprises more effectively, and is widely used in various industries. The four-way shuttle adopts pure mechanical structure, with long life cycle. At the same time, it adopts mechanical jack design, no risk of hydraulic structure sealing ring aging, no need to change hydraulic oil frequently, with low maintenance cost and more high energy efficiency.

The four-way shuttle can be compatible with the shelf of the two-way shuttle, which reduces the cost of upgrading the smart warehouse. At the same time, its automatic dust removal system can adapt to more complex environments. The four-way shuttle solves the problem that the traditional shuttle cannot move sideways, which is also a good feature of the four-way shuttle. The four-way shuttle has the ability to move in four directions, which also determines that the four-way shuttle has a wider application range and greater flexibility, and the system has higher security and stability . For example, when a car has a problem, the four-way shuttle can change the roadway at will, increase or decrease the number of shuttle cars to settle without affecting the overall storage and unloading capacity of the system. The four-lane shuttle truck does not need a forklift to enter inside the shelf, so it is efficient in importing and exporting goods.

Why are more and more warehouses choosing to use the HGIS four-lane shuttle?

Floor area ratio: In warehouses with the same floor area, the floor area ratio of ordinary shelves is 34%, and that of four-way shuttle racks is up to 75%. The floor area ratio of four-way shuttle shelving is twice that of ordinary shelving.

Access mode: the common storage rack can only meet the single access mode of first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out, while the four-way shuttle truck rack can achieve two access modes . Therefore, the four-way shuttle rack is more suitable for food, medical and other industries requiring higher access modes.

Storage efficiency: Compared with ordinary storage shelves, the four-way rack forklift does not need to enter the goods into the shelves. One worker can operate multiple shuttle trucks at the same time, which greatly shortens the waiting time for operation and greatly improves work efficiency.

Safety: The rack structure of the four-way shuttle is very stable. In addition, the shuttle accesses the goods inside the shelf, and the forklift only needs to operate outside, avoiding the collision between the forklift and the shelf and ensuring the safety of the personnel and equipment.

Is there a requirement for the storage rack guide rail when using the four-way shuttle?

The four way shuttle truck stand is a popular automated intensive storage rack system in recent years. Many corporate customers have begun upgrading their warehouses from traditional racks to four-lane shuttle truck racks. The four-lane shuttle truck rack is a new type of automated storage rack system, which is divided into bin type and pallet type according to different goods. As a popular intelligent intensive storage system in recent years, the four-way shuttle rack has been applied in medical, food and other fields. Different from traditional storage racks, a forklift operation channel should be reserved between them. Four Lane Shuttle Truck Racks use the four lane shuttle truck to access and transport goods. The aisle where the four lane shuttle truck runs is the pallet space for goods access, which makes the rack design of the four lane shuttle truck more compact and saves more storage space in the warehouse.

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