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The story at a glance

  • A new Newsguild salary study released on Tuesday found that the median annual salary of journalists of color at a dozen Gannett newspapers was $11,500 lower than that of their white colleagues.

  • The study looked at August 2022 salary data for employees of a dozen Gannett newspapers in New York and New Jersey.

  • The study also found that experienced female journalists earn an average of $9,500 less per year than their male colleagues.

The median annual salary for a journalist of color at half a dozen newspapers in northeast Gannett is about $11,500 lower than that of white colleagues, according to a Newsguild salary study released Tuesday.

The study was conducted by the Gannett Regional Union – a coalition of six NewsGuild bargaining units representing more than 200 journalists, photographers, producers and other staff from a dozen local newspapers – and was based on data collected in August of this year.

The six units reviewed all represented journalists working in New York and New Jersey and included four units that were certified last year – the Record Guild, Atlantic DOT Guild, Hudson Valley News Guild and APP- MCJ Guild 1 – plus two union store legacies; the Rochester Newspaper Guild and the Utica Newspaper Guild.

Among those units, white males make up 53% of the workforce, according to the study, and white employees make up the vast majority of veteran journalists, with non-white veteran journalists of color being nearly 9 to 1.

Not only do journalists of color have lower salaries on average than their white colleagues at Gannett, but their salaries are also more likely to stagnate, Newsguild found.

Median annual salaries for minority reporters at Gannett stagnate in the $40,000 range until their 40s, while white colleagues continue to see their salaries rise, according to the report.

“Gannett says it’s a beacon for diversity in the workplace. Our numbers prove otherwise. The inequity is rooted in how publishers view their workforce,” the study read. “During a bargaining session this summer, when the Guild made its demand – equal pay for equal work – a Gannett editor rolled her eyes and burst out laughing. This is Gannett’s management culture.

NewsGuild also found that the median salary of white male reporters represented by the six units was about $12,2000 higher than that of minority female reporters, according to the report.

Wage inequalities also exist according to gender. The experienced women journalists represented by the six units earn median full-time salaries more than $9,500 lower than those of men of the same age.

Female workers begin to experience gender pay gaps as early as sixth year at Gannett, the analysis finds, and women entering mid-career in the media empire earn median full-time salaries of around $8. $300 less than their male colleagues with comparable years in the industry.

“Gannett is committed to ensuring fair employment practices for all employees,” said Lark-Marie Anton, senior vice president and head of corporate communications at Gannett, in an email to Changing America.

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