Here’s how Honor Magic4 Pro transforms the user experience

Smartphones – these tiny “magic” devices have transformed our lives in unimaginable ways. We are in an era where smartphones have superior features. Over the past two decades, these smart devices have undergone significant changes in terms of style, appearance, camera technology, display and connectivity. Meanwhile, smartphone manufacturers continue to innovate with the use of state-of-the-art technologies to improve user experience. Previously a leading tech brand for global youth, Honor now aims to become a global iconic tech brand that creates a smart new world for everyone. The brand has consistently set the bar for the industry with its latest and most advanced products.

Establish the benchmark
Since its launch in 2013, the brand has been committed to creating a smart new world for everyone and developing technology that empowers people, through its research and development capabilities and forward-looking technology.

In the United Arab Emirates, Honor exceeded its targets and recorded a growth of 215% between January this year and hopes to be one of the top two players in the country soon. “Honor uses smart technologies to enhance user experience and meet user demands. We are always striving to improve each of our products, and we are confident that our unique products are superior to several industry benchmarks, which will help us achieve our goals in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)” , said Chairman Likun Zhao, Chairman of Honor MEA. “Honor’s quality management has continued to evolve. We are committed to establishing a premium brand with quality and experience, adhering to smart innovation and service as a fundamental part of our strategy,” he adds.

The brand recently launched the Honor Magic4 Pro, which it claims incorporates the most cutting-edge technology, creating a transformational experience for users. The Honor Magic4 Pro has been designed with the brand’s premium quality principles in mind, which have been developed to continuously improve the user experience and provide users with an exceptional experience. “The Magic4 Pro has been rigorously tested in various scenarios, ensuring users have a reliable and trustworthy smartphone and a long-term companion to meet their daily needs even after prolonged use,” said Ahmed Wu, Product Manager at Honor MEA.

The magic in your hands
Last month, Honor officially unveiled its brand new flagship smartphone, the Honor Magic4 Pro, at a premium launch event at Burj Khalifa, Dubai. “The event showcased our cutting-edge technology and smart innovation by showcasing the brand’s flagship line through a magical spectacle. The all-new Honor Magic4 Pro improves peak performance by delivering new benchmarks in smartphone design, display, photography, videography, charging and performance, supported by Google Mobile Services,” said Zac Li, General Manager of Honor GCC.

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Wu states that the Magic4 series beats various industry benchmarks, distinguishing itself from existing smartphones in the market. The Magic4 Pro promotes many industry-first innovations: the industry’s first low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display with 1920Hz Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) dimming, 10-bit 4K video, private call function and artificial intelligence (AI) game rendering.

Honor also takes a leap forward with cutting-edge photography when recording video. Based on the brand’s dual-chain photography and videography algorithm, the Honor Magic4 Pro can capture high-quality images while shooting videos, which is not limited by video recording quality, such as this is often the case in other smartphones. “Equipped with AI-powered ultra-fusion computational photography, the Magic4 Pro supports multiple lens fusion over a full focal range, enabling the camera to produce stunningly clear high-definition images. and improved sharpness,” Wu comments.

It further explains how Honor Magic-Log Movie Master and AI movie effects provide dynamic range and rich color expression for video shooting. “With this, the Magic4 series offers the industry’s first 4K log 10-bit video recording at 60 frames per second.” The smartphone also has a powerful 4800 mAh ultra-large battery. Boosted by 100W supercharging, the phone can charge to 100% in just 30 minutes. The brand believes the Magic4 Pro is the best choice for those looking for a premium, smart and intuitive smartphone with extraordinary camera and videography capabilities and comprehensive privacy solutions.

Enhanced privacy and security
With the increase in the number of people using cell phones around the world, the opportunities for malicious attackers to hack into mobile devices and steal private information are increasing. One of the reasons smartphones are a prime target for cybercriminals is that they can be accessed in multiple ways. People are constantly downloading applications, often free, which sometimes may not be secure.

With ultimate user security in mind, Honor has introduced a range of security services into its Magic4 series. Equipped with a double security system, the Magic4 Pro provides enhanced security. The device is equipped with an independent security chip, providing maximum security for passwords and biometrics like fingerprints. The 3D depth camera further leverages 3D biometrics to provide high-level security and protection. To ease the anxiety of being monitored without notifications, the device also offers anti-monitoring, allowing icons to appear on the home screen to alert the user when third-party apps are using its microphone or phone. camera.

Additionally, the brand has introduced a key feature – AI privacy calling. Leaking sound from phones can be unpleasant for users as well as the people around them. With this concern in mind, the Magic4 Pro appears with an intuitive sound-emitting display that works with the receiver to adjust the volume of incoming audio for loud or quiet environments, whenever a call comes in. Especially in quiet environments, users no longer have to worry about people eavesdropping on their conversation when taking a phone call in a closed, cluttered space like an elevator. Additionally, the brand claims that the Magic4 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2, which offers the world’s best, thinnest and most reliable fingerprint security solution. It enables one-touch authentication using sound waves instead of light to recognize and protect users.

“The Honor Magic4 Pro has been rigorously tested in various scenarios, ensuring users have a reliable and trustworthy smartphone and a long-term companion to meet their daily needs even after prolonged use,” Li adds. Honor also introduced its Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro. While the smartwatch features a lightweight design and focuses primarily on monitoring the user’s health, Honor claims the headphones are the world’s first true wireless stereo headphones with body temperature monitoring as well as one that takes support 5G fast charging. The devices are a great complement to the Magic4 Pro.

Make the world better
Honor is committed to reducing environmental impact while providing high quality products and services to its consumers. Since 2014, Honor has used soy ink to print promotional materials. Compared to traditional ink, the use of soy ink has reduced CO2 emissions by around 80 tonnes, the company says. In 2021, Honor optimized its product packaging, which reduced approximately 285 tons of CO2 emissions. “Today, we use 95% recyclable and sustainable materials and our goal continues to be 100% natural, waste-free and environmentally friendly. Zhao.

Going forward, Honor strives to establish a premium brand by focusing on quality and service as key parts of its strategy. The company continues to push the boundaries of customer service, delivering a human-centric experience that exceeds customer expectations and empowers users to improve their lives through technology. “We are improving our product portfolio and internal operating processes to offer products specifically designed for high-end users and general users, catering to all budgets and price ranges. Our priority is to continue innovation efforts, develop future technologies and further improve our global operational capabilities,” concludes Zhao.

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