Hidden icon found in Google Camera update suggests foldable Pixel is back in play

The on-again-off-again saga of the Google Pixel Fold/Notepad seems to be picking up again thanks to a clue spotted in the recent Google Camera 8.6 update. This update mainly consisted of hardware UI changes that placed some of the round buttons in the Fashions tab inside a large gray rectangular box. The buttons now change color to match the main tint of the wallpaper used by the user, as part of the Dynamic Color feature.
But the guys from 9to5Google dug into the update and discovered a new mode with the code name “Jupiter”. This mode will have a button to the left of the Switch Camera button which is used when a Pixel user wants to switch from taking photos and videos with the rear camera array to using the front camera for photos and videos. videos.

But the big news here is the icon for this feature which shows what appears to be a foldable phone (fold on the dotted line) with an arrow indicating the movement that would be required to close the device. What else could we be thinking here other than seeing this as a sign that the Pixel Fold or Notepad is still alive?

Nothing 9to5Google has found reveals what the “Jupiter” button does other than hide the Switch Camera button when pressed. This would seem to indicate that the “Jupiter” mode is the one that only works with the rear-facing cameras or the front-facing camera, since it covers the possibility of changing the camera used. Another possibility is that the mode displays previews from both cameras at the same time.

The Pixel Fold/Notepad could be back in play. The phone was expected to be powered by Google’s Tensor chipset and sport a 5.85-inch internal display. As a result, the foldable Pixel might look like the foldable Oppo Find N with its smaller internal display rather than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 which might feature a much larger 7.6-inch display. We don’t want to forget that the Pixel Fold/Notepad’s rear camera array was supposed to include the same 12.2MP main camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera used on the Pixel 5 flagship.

So will we have an October surprise? Will be Google pulls a rabbit out of its hat by unveiling the Pixel 7 series? If you’re hoping for a foldable Pixel, cross your fingers.

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