How to set the resolution of your Arlo cameras

Arlo is one of the most important brands in smart homes, especially when it comes to security devices. And its cameras are among the best in this regard. But while most come with a similar array of awesome features, there is at least one feature that most users might not be aware of. Namely, you can actually set the resolution of your Arlo cameras to best suit your network environment or needs.

For example, if your camera is lagging or responding slowly, it may be due to the quality of the network and its location. Simply lowering the resolution can compensate for this. The result is a cleaner, more consistent overall experience.

Similarly, lowering the resolution can help in other situations. But what if you need to increase the resolution again? For example, if you are setting up a mesh network and/or have a better connection rate. This can also be accomplished. And, in fact, the process for doing either is the same. Although it’s not necessarily easy to find if you don’t know where to look to change the resolution of your Arlo cameras.

This walkthrough can help you accomplish that.

Here’s how to set the resolution on supported Arlo cameras

Now, before we get started, it’s worth noting that this guide – like many others posted here – makes a few assumptions. First, you’ve already installed and performed some initial setup for your Arlo cameras. And second, that you have an Arlo account ready to log in.

It should also be noted that the user interface you see may differ significantly from that shown in the guide. There are still UI differences between Apple and Android handsets, for example. And the user interface for tablets is also slightly different. Additionally, there are undoubtedly options you’ll see with your Arlo cameras that don’t exist in our test device. Namely, because we use a budget Arlo Essential indoor security camera.

The process itself, however, should be identical in terms of the options you choose and their approximate location.

To get started, you need to open the Arlo app and then sign in. With Arlo cameras, you can log in with your fingerprint or with your password. As we have in the sample image below.

Then scroll – if necessary – to find the camera(s) whose resolution you want to set. We’ve only installed one Arlo camera, so far, so we haven’t had to scroll through our image below. On the appropriate camera card, select the three-dot or gear-shaped Settings icon at the bottom left of the UI.

Then select the “Device Settings” option that appears at the bottom of the user interface. Specifically, above the bottom bar tab UI as shown below.

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Arlo will load the full suite of options available for the selected camera. Complete with a title or name for the camera and an image from the camera. The options here are quite extensive. Thus, the one we want does not appear on the initial screen. Instead, you’ll need to scroll down to the “Video” subsection.

There, select the “Video Settings” option from the list.

Under Video Settings, you’ll see a preview of your camera footage as well as video-specific options. For example, this is where you can adjust camera brightness and night vision. But the last option on the page says “Video Resolution”. Select this option.

Depending on the camera or cameras you have at your location, Arlo presents a different number of options. For the Arlo Essential indoor security cameras, as we’re using in our example, the maximum resolution available to set is 1080p. We have therefore selected this option.

For slower or weaker connections, a lower resolution may help you get more consistent images. This camera also offers DVD-quality 720p and 480p footage options. Whatever your reason, you can try different options by simply selecting one on the resulting page. Then you can test that using the provided preview images.

So the final step is to select and set an appropriate resolution for your Arlo cameras. The change will be made immediately and automatically saved.

You can now use the chevron-shaped back arrow icon to return to the camera selection page and apply the resolution changes to all other remaining Arlo cameras.

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