Iphone 15 pro: Periscope camera for iPhone 15 Pro? Everything you need to know


One of the most fascinating tech creators, Apple, is back with yet another new feature. If reports are to be believed, the iPhone 15 Pro is likely to have a new camera system. The smartphone maker is reportedly planning to introduce the periscope lens in its next range. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo once predicted it, however, other analysts seem to have backed this claim.

Earlier this month, another analyst Jeff Pu revealed that at least one device in the iPhone 15 line will be equipped with a periscope camera. The new set of cameras will allow for increased optical zoom capability.

According to a report on
Macrumeurs.com, the periscope system will let light entering the telephoto lens on the back of the iPhone to reflect off a tilted mirror toward the camera’s image sensor. “The change in the direction in which the light travels would allow Apple to install a longer telephoto setup inside the iPhone, allowing users to zoom in further without any blurring,” said the

Reports suggesting that the iPhone 15 line will get a periscope have been around since 2020. Kuo was the first to mention the possibility of a periscope in the iPhone 14 and 15 lines. However, it now appears that Apple will launch the new model. in the iPhone 15 Pro next year.
Interestingly, the periscope camera wouldn’t mean a bigger camera bump on the phone. Essentially, the system will feature a series of mirrors and lenses that will improve the range of the telephoto lens. In order to deploy a camera with the necessary dimension for a telephoto effect, there must be a certain distance between the lens and the sensor.

All these clues on a bulky smartphone. However, using a tilted mirror reflects light 90 degrees, allowing it to travel inside the body until it hits the vertically positioned sensor. This new system would keep the phone slim.


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