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Women made up 46.8% of the 147.8 million working people in the US workforce in 2020. A decade earlier, women made up 47.2% of all US workers. Women had made up an increasingly large part of the American labor force in recent decades, inc.from 29.6% in 1950, but this increase leveled off around 2015, when the share of women in the labor force reached 46.8%, where it remains to this day.

Yet women workers represent the majority of the workforce in a growing number of jobs. There are more than a dozen jobs currently held primarily by women who were predominantly male just a decade ago.

To determine which jobs were once dominated by men and are now dominated by women, 24/7 Wall St. examined employment data by gender for more than 500 detailed occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupations with predominantly males in 2010 and predominantly females in 2020 were ranked based on the percentage point increase in the share of females over that 10-year period.

Some of the demographic change in the workforce in these jobs can be at least partially attributed to education. Many careers require workers to have at least a bachelor’s degree, or even a higher degree. Women have earned more than half of all bachelor’s degrees every year since 1982 and the majority of doctoral degrees every year since 2006, which has allowed a growing number of women to better qualify for certain jobs. College majors pay the most.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge economic impact across the country, women seem to have been hit harder. Mmore than 2.3 million womenleft the labor market from February 2020 to January 2021, compared to 1.8 million men. Often people leave the workforce because they are retiring, becoming full-time parents, or sometimes because they can’t find a job, so they stop looking.

Although women do not constitute the majority of the American workforce, they do constitute the majority of workers in a number of very important jobs that will only become more and more vital in the years to come in sectors such as health care and social services. As more baby boomers reach old age, demand for a variety of health care services is likely to increase. These are the fastest growing jobs and are predominantly held by women.

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