Law enforcement has access to school cameras in an emergency

SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (KMTV) – Having cameras in schools is nothing new, but school cameras at Papillion La Vista Schools and Bellevue Public Schools are not accessible by law enforcement at certain times.

“Security cameras have been in our secondary buildings for years and years and years, so this hasn’t changed what we do as a school district, in terms of camera presence and accessibility,” Annette Eyman, Director of Communications, Papillion La Vista Community Schools said.

The Papillion La Vista School Board has granted Sarpy County law enforcement access to school cameras, effective immediately.

“The goal is to do absolutely everything we can do as a school district in partnership with law enforcement to ensure that we take every step possible to keep our students and staff safe at all times. moment,” Eyman said. .

Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis said he would only watch the camera feed in an emergency.

This allows law enforcement to be better equipped to enter an active shooter situation.

“If you are the first responder or the first cruiser that arrives and you are able to hit that school and even the classroom to find out how many attackers there are, exactly where in the school or where in the class find that person, how they might be armed. That’s a big plus for the first responder,” Sheriff Davis said.

Technology has been a challenge, pairing school cameras with patrol camera systems.

“We’re talking about five different school districts and five different camera systems and several different law enforcement agencies. And the goal is to make it all work eventually and I think it will work, but it will take time,” Davis said.

But it’s all about school safety.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make it safer for the kids, safer for the teachers and the responding officers,” Davis said.

Sheriff Davis said the goal was to have all five Sarpy County school districts on board with access clearance.

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