LG Display: PR LG Display Creates New Markets with Cutting-Edge OLED Solutions at OIF 2022

LG Display, the global leader in display technology innovation, is hosting its Open Innovation Forum (OIF) for the first time in Las Vegas from June 8-10. While showcasing cutting-edge display technologies at OIF 2022, the company invited leading companies as it seeks to open a new market for displays in the United States
LG Display launched OIF Korea in 2020 as an event to discover new business opportunities and promote strategic cooperation with various industries. At OIF 2022 in the United States, the company will showcase a large number of transparent OLED solutions jointly developed with domestic and overseas customers as well as promising startups, while showcasing the future of the everyday space.
Among its collaborations at this year’s event, LG Display has partnered with global architecture and design firm Gensler to showcase the Maars M923, a next-generation transparent OLED bulkhead. Designed for office use, the M923. is a customizable and mobile wall made up of interchangeable snap-on panels. By applying Transparent OLED technology, the M923. offers a unique balance of openness and intimacy, redefining the space and dimensions of visual presentations with the option of transparency or vibrant colors – and without the need for a separate TV or monitor. Gensler has previously worked on projects such as Terminal 2 at Incheon International Airport and NVIDIA Headquarters in California.
Additionally, LG Display will unveil its Transparent OLED solution for conference rooms, which was created with Korean interior company EXA E&C. The E-Crystal with transparent OLED can use a wall itself as a display by embedding the transparent OLED in the glass wall of a conference room. In addition, the Transparent Wall Skin produced with the promising startup DAIER works on the basis of adding glass with integrated transparent OLED to a wall, which can be easily installed in offices, hotels and hospitals while maintaining the existing interior.
In addition, LG Display will showcase its Transparent Gallery which implements high-sensitivity touch functions on transparent OLEDs and can be used as an Internet of Things (IoT) wallpad or for multimedia content in combination with office spaces, commercial facilities and furniture.
The Company will also introduce new solutions combining OLED and art. The Objet Showcase for digital art combines regular OLED screens on the back of transparent OLEDs to maximize stereoscopic and holographic effects, while the Art Canvas is a digital product that uses the characteristics of OLED, being auto -emissive and displaying images with perfect black.
LG Display will further showcase seamless OLED solutions for mobility and shopping malls, as well as flexible OLED concept products such as the Virtual Ride, which enhances exercise equipment with a large OLED display, and the Media Chair, which combines a reclining chair with a curved OLED display.
At the same time, the Company conducts a challenge program in search of new business opportunities for startups in the United States within the framework of the OIF. Under the theme of “discovering new concepts related to OLED and transparent OLED”, the program aims to support excellent enterprises by jointly developing products and participating in overseas fairs through a final evaluation in November.
“Based on differentiated OLED technology, we will continue to create new markets by expanding strategic collaboration with global customers and startups,” said Yeo Chun-ho, Vice President and Head of Business Development Division at LGDisplay.


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