Master the night and share it with the world with new night portrait photography with vivo’s latest flagship device, the vivo V25 series – Manila Bulletin

Outdoor activities have resumed and Filipinos from all over the country are excited to discover new experiences. One of the best times to explore is at night. The world changes, as lights illuminate the streets, creating surreal backdrops for you to discover.

This is where portrait photography becomes an important part of life. Portrait photography is about documentation and personal branding. It is a place to explore and discover new things.

So it’s no surprise that vivo brings these two together in one neatly wrapped package with their new vivo V25 Pro, a smartphone designed for users to master at night.

The V25 Pro features an ultra-sensitive 64MP OIS camera with extreme night vision. This way, captured images are bright and vibrant with life. The rear camera also houses 8MP for super wide-angle shots and 2MP for macro shots.

The 32MP Selfie AF camera is designed for complete clarity, ensuring that every facial feature is smooth and detailed, with just the right amount of brightness and color.

Sharing your latest discoveries, places to eat and hang out, the vivo V25 Pro has a vlogging edge to capture impressive image quality and nighttime functionality. The rear camera is equipped with 4K HDR technology, providing users with optimal image quality with incredibly realistic colors. Dual-view video allows both rear and front cameras to record and stream at the same time, allowing users to share their experiences and reactions without wasting time.

Additionally, the vivo V25 Pro’s Super Night mode delivers true colors and zero lens flare thanks to the tag team of 64MP rear camera and RAW HDR algorithm, creating crisp and elegant images.

Becoming an extension of user’s creativity, vivo V25 Pro also includes slow motion, double exposure, long exposure and panorama. The combination of all these features makes V25 Pro an all-in-one movie set packed in a smartphone.

The vivo V25 Pro is sleek and feels premium to hold. One of its strengths is Photochromic 2.0, its color changing function. Let it stand in the sun for a while and the color of V25 Pro changes. This feature does not affect the build quality of the V25 Pro as it is fingerprint and scratch resistant.

The vivo V25 Pro is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1300 which gives it enough power to handle top quality shots and is more than capable of running popular games. The 6.56-inch display has a 120Hz refresh rate, delivering the smooth textures of a smartphone.

Along with 256GB of internal storage, the V25 Pro comes with 12GB of RAM up to an additional 8GB of extended RAM for a total of 20GB for optimal performance. This would allow users to switch between apps more smoothly and with less loading time, which can be useful for multitasking.

The vivo V25 Pro has a 4830mAh battery and is supported by vivo’s own 66W FlashCharge, enabling zero to 40% in fifteen minutes and 71% in 30 minutes. FlashCharge is backed by smart features that protect the V25 Pro’s battery. V25 Pro is also supported by Game Boost mode for enhanced gaming experience and gaming antenna design, which guarantees zero hiccups. Additionally, the vivo V25 Pro is supported by a liquid cooling system, which keeps the phone cool even when running power-hungry apps and games. Also, a cooler device means less battery power is used.

Finally, the vivo V25 Pro is IP54, which makes it water and dust resistant. Now even a little rain can’t keep users from mastering the night.

vivo is stepping up their game. The V25 Pro is a clear indication that they are constantly improving, ensuring customers are giving them more than their money’s worth.

The vivo V25 Pro comes in two colors, Surfing Blue and Starlight Black for P29,999. The V25 Pro will be available in the following online stores from October 1:




Offline, the vivo V25 Pro will arrive in concept stores and vivo kiosks on October 8.



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