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November 17, 2021 3:58 PM EST

Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entire 3D pipeline: modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, composition and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. With its open architecture, Blender offers cross-platform interoperability, scalability, an incredibly small footprint, and a tightly integrated workflow. Blender is one of the most popular open source 3D graphics applications in the world.

Main characteristics:

  • Fully integrated authoring suite, offering a wide range of essential tools for creating 3D content, including modeling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging, skinning, animation, particle simulation and more, scripting, rendering, composition, post-production and game creation;
  • Multiplatform, with a uniform OpenGL graphical interface on all platforms, ready to use for all versions of Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP), Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, Irix, Sun and many other systems. ‘exploitation;
  • High quality 3D architecture allowing a fast and efficient creation workflow;
  • Over 200,000 downloads of each version (users) worldwide;
  • Support from the user community through forums for questions, answers and reviews at https://BlenderArtists.org and news services at https://BlenderNation.com;
  • Small executable size, easy distribution.

Blender 2.93.6 changelog:

  • Assertion failed while moving object data frame in 3D view. [T87703]
  • Cannot duplicate or copy (Ctrl-C) object from linked file. [T90840]
  • arm64: The viewport and timeline jump great distances when you scroll the pointer off the screen using the Shift-Average mouse key. [T88386]
  • Cycles render artifacts with motion blur enabled. [T91728]
  • VSE: Implement consistency check for files with more channels than supported. [rBaaa85ad2e0f]
  • Some editors (eg Outliner) can be synchronized with the animation editor (‘Sync visible Range’). [T91237]
  • Crash in sculpture mode using the “Smooth” brush and the tab with the tablet stylus. [T89164]
  • [GPUOffscreen] draw_view3d does not apply color management settings. [T84227]
  • Cycles – Rendering on an Nvidia A100 crashes / fails on Google Colab. [T91879]
  • Fixed LLVM 12 symbol conflict with Mesa drivers, after recent update of Linux libraries. [rBd3f04702890]
  • GPencil: memory leak removing the python stroke. [T92185]
  • BG camera jitter offset (regression). [T91398]
  • EEVEE: Specular BSDF incompatible with Shader to RGB when SSR is active. [T88766]
  • Fixed missing null termination in BLI_string_join_arrayN. [rB554b1b1663a]
  • Blender crashes after selecting an object in the outline hierarchy (using statistics overlay). [T92246]
  • The automatic naming of the Vertex group does not work for Grease Pencil. [T92314]
  • Clicking in Library Overrides Outliner triggers a crash in this file. [T92265]
  • Crash on the desktop with a boolean modifier. [T90818]
  • Crash when calling delete in empty space with an unselected layer in the outline. [T91411]
  • Remesh-bug.crash. [T92355]
  • 2.93: System crash with non-English locale. [T88877]
  • Blender LTS: maintenance task 2.93. [T88449]
  • The Image Editor does not display stereoscopic images. [T92608]
  • LibOverride: fixed a crash in ShapeKeys when creating a local mesh replacement. [rB9a290dd657]
  • Fixed missing “make local” call for outliner liboverrides. [rB9a80455d8774d6b]
  • Adding crashes. [T89516]
  • Bones of transformed rebars (rotation and scale) do not fit correctly to the cursor. [T92515]
  • Blender 3.0 – Planar Track – Only half of the image appears in the MovieClip editor. [T92807]

To download: Mixer 2.93.6 | 183.0 MB (Open Source)
To download: Portable mixer | 211.0 MB
Seen: Mixer home page | Blender 2.93.6 Release Notes

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