Morgan Hill Police Department’s Flock Security Camera Pilot Program Aims To Tackle Crime In The City

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (KGO) – Morgan Hill Police say 70% of all crime in their city involves a vehicle, and there has been an increase in crime across the city.

They’re hoping a new camera system can help catch drivers, but not everyone is on board.

Crime is a much talked about problem in the Bay Area.

Even the small town of Morgan Hill is not spared.

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“I’ve definitely seen more crime,” Morgan Hill resident Nettie Calamia said. “You think it doesn’t happen to you, but it does happen and it seems more common than ever.”

Morgan Hill police agree.

Captain Mario Ramirez of the MHPD said they will fight this increase with a pilot program of 25 Flock security cameras throughout the city in high crime areas.

They will automatically read license plates and pass vehicle descriptions to the police.

With successful programs in Los Gatos and Milpitas already, Ramirez hopes the cameras can lead to crime reduction and prevention in the town of Morgan Hill.

“We have an unsolved homicide that the Flock cameras would have absolutely helped us identify the vehicle at the time, especially where we plan to place the cameras,” Ramirez said. “So there are absolutely crimes that we are trying to investigate right now where the Flock cameras would have given us the ability to see and give us a trail of investigation with a vehicle.”

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The police are on board, but how are the locals feeling?

As with everything in life, there are always two sides to the story. Some residents we spoke with are for the cameras, others are more skeptical.

“My first thought is: privacy,” said Sandy Hershey, a Morgan Hill resident. “We live in a country where we are supposed to have the freedom to come and go and do what we do as long as we live within the law and rightly so. Why do they feel this need to watch over every person? This is what it’s starting to look like. “

“I think it’s a great idea,” Calamia said. “To let people know that we have a system in place, I think just knowing that will hopefully deter people from doing illegal things.”

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Residents will be able to give their opinions on the cameras at a town hall on August 12 before a final decision is made.

The pilot program will start next month and run until September.

Learn more about Flock Security Cameras by visiting their website here.

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