New Galt cameras won’t spy on community, police say

GALT, Calif. (KTXL) — Galt police say they want the community to know that the cameras residents saw at multiple intersections aren’t being used to “spy on” them.

The cameras, called flocked security cameras according to police, would not collect personal information. The police said the cameras also do not take pictures of people inside the car.

According to the police, the cameras are used to find cars that may be stolen, linked to crimes or linked to missing persons.

Galt police explained how the cameras work to allay community concerns.

(Photo by Galt Police)
  • It uses autonomous still camera footage to capture vehicle license plates.
  • The system runs license plates of all stolen, criminal or missing vehicles through appropriate databases.
  • The dispatcher and officers will receive a Flock “alert” when a camera picks up one of these vehicles and provides us with its location.
  • Agents can determine the appropriate action needed based on the type of alert.

The cameras are not used for traffic enforcement or immigration purposes, police said.

“This system is not used for any traffic or immigration enforcement and is regularly audited to ensure proper use,” Galt Police said.

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