Nikon Z6 is getting old howled

The Nikon Z6 was effectively discontinued by Nikon Japan, which marked the cameras as “old product” on its official website product page. The “old product” tag is a precursor to moving a product to the “old product” page of Nikon’s website, where discontinued models are listed.

This marks the end of the line for the original Nikon Z6 (opens in a new tab)released in 2018 alongside the original Nikon Z7 (opens in a new tab) – which was similarly removed by Nikon Japan last month, first marked as “old product” shortly before being moved to the “old product” listings page.

With the Z6 and Z7 getting the old crier processing from Nikon, it represents the sunset of the maker’s first-generation foray into the world of full-frame mirrorless cameras (but not mirrorless cameras in generalhowever, let’s not forget the unfortunate line of Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras using the 1-inch mount 1).

Both cameras have been replaced by the Nikon Z6 II (opens in a new tab) and Nikon Z7 II (opens in a new tab)respectively, which were announced in October 2020, adding two processors, two memory card slots, and improved performance and features for both cases.

The stop was spotted by (opens in a new tab) the folks at Nikon Rumors, who pointed out that Z6 lens kits are still available from B&H (opens in a new tab) in the United States, although the camera was completely redacted at Adorama. It remains on sale at Wex (opens in a new tab) and Park (opens in a new tab) United Kingdom.

If you’re thinking of getting the original Z6, now would be a good time to do so, while they’re still available – and we’ll probably see some good Nikon Z6 deals (opens in a new tab) (and, indeed, the Nikon Z7 offers (opens in a new tab)) as retailers begin to liquidate their remaining stock.

Camera Rumors (opens in a new tab) continued to swirl about the imminent arrival of an imminent Nikon Z6 III, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see the Big N make an announcement in the not-too-distant future.

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