NSW’s highest earning speed cameras revealed

The speed camera that has won the most fines is in the southbound Northconnex tunnel at Normanhurst, which hit more than 23,387 people in the hip pocket last year.

The second most profitable are the fixed cameras on the Princes Highway in St Peters, which worked overtime, grossing over $3.2 million.

Speed ​​cameras across NSW fetch millions of dollars. (9News)

Residents say they saw many people get caught on camera, all while noticing the signature flash.

“My gym is there and I see at least three or four people getting caught every time,” one person told 9News.

“You can see the light go out, it goes out like a cracker. It’s just continuous,” another person said.

In the financial year 2020-21, 95 drivers were pinged at the St Peters intersection, but last year the speed limit was reduced from 60kph to 40.

After the change, more than 21,000 people were fined.

Local MP Ron Hoenig believes the decision to lower the speed limit is more about revenue than road safety.

“People have been driving for 50 years without a spot and all of a sudden they’re held hostage by a radar that doesn’t need to be there,” he said.

NSW's highest earning speed cameras revealed
A speed camera in St Peters is the second highest paying in NSW. (9News)

The second biggest earner is the northbound Northconnex at Pennant Hills, with 13,912 fines over the past year.

13,798 people were also fined on the Great Western Highway at Mount Victoria.

And slightly lower is the Eastern distributor in Darlinghurst with 13,596 fines.

Not among the best performing cameras, but still one of the top earners is speed camera in a 30km/h zone on Bigge Street in Liverpool, which fined 14,134 drivers in the first seven months of this year.

This equates to $2.58 million in fines.

Speed ​​camera sign in Liverpool
Liverpool residents are pushing to lower the speed limit to 40. (9News)

Despite lobbying by Liverpool Council for the move to 30km/h zones, the mayor now wants the speed to be increased to 40km/h.

In a recent poll, about 90% of residents say they want the speed limit changed.

“Having 30km is just ridiculous,” said Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun.

“We are seeing experienced drivers and bus drivers who have never had a fine in their life caught in this trap.”

Which of these cars can go first?

But the executive director of the Center for Road Safety says the speed limit change has reduced the incidence of crashes in the area.

“The reality that 30km has already seen a reduction in casualty crashes in the area, we have prominent signage,” said Bernard Carlon.

“Look at those signs, stay under the speed limit and everyone will be much safer.”

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