Omaha security company victimized by thief, searching for stolen equipment

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A brazen robbery in an Omaha neighborhood has been caught on video – but there’s an ironic twist.

Devices designed to catch a thief have been taken by one.

A security camera company is now focused on finding a thief after his van was stolen near 61st and Maple streets.

A new security camera captured a suspected thief, but the business wasn’t its target – it was the installer’s van that was full of security cameras.

“We never thought we’d use them for ourselves – it’s kind of ironic,” said Greg Van Scoyk of Omaha Security Camera.

He said he had video of the thief stealing the company’s bucket-lift truck near a construction site.

“And you can see he almost pulls that truck out – boy just a little there and go,” he said.

The installer had the key, so the thief broke into the van, started it and drove off. But the security camera company didn’t wait for the police to start investigating.

“Yeah, through social media we were able to identify the guy and get a name and potential addresses and potential places he haunts,” Van Scoyk said.

He passed the information on to police, but still posted an APB on social media for the stolen van with over $6,000 worth of security camera equipment.

“These pan-filled zooms he got are $1,500 apiece,” Van Scoyk said.

After learning that the van had been found in an apartment complex in central Omaha, the business owner and installer went to look for it, but were left with a feeling of emptiness inside.

“This was loaded with zoom cameras and still cameras and junction boxes – I mean the guy stole the screws,” Van Scoyk said.

In total, $10,000 worth of security camera equipment is missing as well as the worker’s own tools.

“Everything I have to use daily, I now have to replace out of pocket just to earn money to feed my kids,” said security camera installer Bryce Reynolds.

With good video and social media detection and the security camera, the business owner gave the police a promising lead and said seeing the alleged thief in court would now be on his to-do list. to do.

The owner of the security camera business says he is monitoring social media to see if any of the stolen cameras and accessories come up for sale. He has insurance, but he doesn’t know how much of the loss will be covered.

Omaha police are investigating the theft.

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