The competitiveness of every company is determined by how well the company handles the problems of its customers. The main problem facing Astro finance is the lack of funding for business development. Our approach is based on the simple conviction that the long-term success of the business lending market is the one who, through their products, contributes to the growth of their customers. What exactly does Astro finance do?

Cash advance loans online could really help you

More than 80% of our customers apply for a cash advance loan online. Our goal is to help such people achieve their goals via cash advance loans online.

At the same time, the high rate of re-borrowing is a testament to our ability to select companies that are able to effectively invest the funds received. This makes a sharp distinction between instant business loans and instant loans to individuals – if Astro finance were to provide financing to anyone without assessing the applicant’s ability to repay the loan, we would soon be forced to raise the cost of our products.

That’s why Astro finance carefully evaluates every application because it wants to evolve with the successful ones and protect those who are not ready for a loan from the risk of ill-considered. Our experience suggests that ambitious and determined entrepreneurs know how to make external financing work to their full potential, not only by achieving a breakthrough in growth but also by offsetting borrowing costs.

Affordable loans to small and medium-sized businesses

Traditionally, banks have dominated the business lending market, but in recent years experts have increasingly talked about the digital revolution in an industry driven by vibrant financial technology companies offering faster and more affordable loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Astro finance is one such lender. Our mission is to promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with fast and realistic loans. From the outset, Astro finance identified the development of its customers as a key driver of its growth. How to understand that? Quite literally, the faster small and medium-sized enterprises develop through external financing, the greater their demand for quality loans, and the more successful lenders are.

The range of financial products available for business is wide, but many of them are not easily accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. Astro finance plays in a league with lenders who want to make loans available to as many companies as possible. Innovative, financial technology-inspired lenders are successful in this role, but they face one major obstacle – the corporate fear of growth that hinders their growth and prevents their full potential.

According to the European Commission, the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to the Latvian economy is 70%. This means that overcoming developmental fears is an essential condition for a country’s economic growth. Of course, the best way to get rid of unfounded fears is to have a successful, experience-tested outcome. That is why every lender that helps companies achieve good results, at the same time, contributes to business growth on a larger scale.