Optical Systems Maker Advances 3D Stereoscopic Imaging and Disease Diagnosis


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To reduce complications and improve surgical outcomes, a U.S. optical systems manufacturer and engineering services provider is accelerating medical device development programs and solving the most difficult and critical issues facing OEMs in instrument makers. the field of optical and photonic product technologies.

As a strategic partner of medical device companies, Gray Optics contributes to surgical imaging and diagnostic testing worldwide by advancing optical, imaging and lighting technologies. The company designs custom compact lighting optics, precision lens assemblies and medical camera modules through a collaborative partnership model that involves customers throughout the product development process.

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“3D stereoscopic imaging, robotic surgical systems, rigid and flexible endoscopes, and augmented reality (AR) for neurosurgery all depend on high performance optical design, and that’s what Gray Optics guarantees,” said Dan Gray, President and Founder of Gray Optics. “Through our process of developing new products for medical devices, we have compressed the development cycle to ensure that development deadlines are met and on budget. “

The Portland, Maine-based company has advanced the capabilities of endoscopic imaging by integrating components and designs, allowing surgeons to clearly observe tissues and blood vessels. Among his designs are fiber optic probes that have helped repair heart defects and optical coherence tomography imaging used to locate blocked arteries. Its 3D chip endoscope supports robotic surgery applications and is used for minimally invasive surgery that relies on image sensors and miniature CMOS lenses to deliver images of internal organs to healthcare professionals. .

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Gray Optics is a partner of OEM instrument manufacturers around the world and has designed low cost PCR instruments and devices that democratize diagnostic testing. The manufacturer’s design engineering, precision assembly, metrology and testing expertise have been instrumental in the development of medical device companies for over 10 years and have been used in the implementation of surgical robotic systems, dental imaging and NIR guided surgery.

This article was sponsored by Gray Optics, a manufacturer of innovative products and solutions for biomedical and industrial applications.

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