Paige Emery: Methods to decipher, intimate eyes that listen


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Date(s) – 09/16/2022
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Mount Wilson Observatory


Methods to decipher, intimate eyes that listen considers the space of intimate otherness in the interpretation of data.

Between astronomical stereoscopy and intuitive reading, the installation draws attention to how humans use their senses as a conduit to understand information. Connecting to the environment for a more than human deep listening practice is a crucial aid for research methodologies that explore cosmologies.

An extension of the FEELERS exhibitionproduced by SUPERCOLLIDER on the occasion of Fulcrum Festival 2022, so the installation will be located at the belvedere at the southern end of the main car park, near the entrance to Mount Wilson Observatory.

About the artist

paige emery the work links poetics and praxis, mysticism and theory, healing rituals and environmental science. This takes shape through art installations for intercommunication between humans and non-humans, sound pieces for deep listening between the psychic and physical realms, and healing gardens for non-linear time and regenerative metabolism. His work often inhabits site-specific natural spaces such as the Biosphere 2 closed ecological system in Arizona and in guerrilla gardens at sites of political unrest. Emery is also an embodied gardener and plant practitioner, currently working on a regenerative ecology project with a Regen Network grant and working on the intersections of art and science as a SUPERCOLLIDER SciArt Cohort. His poetic rituals have been published by Ignota Books.

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