QUEEN Guitarist BRIAN MAY Shares Innovative “On My Way Up” Video Alongside Deluxe Another World Reissue, Out Today

Brian May has shared an innovative new video for “On My Way Up”, one of the highlights of his second solo album, Another World from 1998. The clip marks the release of a multi-format, meticulously repackaged deluxe edition of the Brian’s Gold Series album, featuring the remastered original album plus remixes, rarities and live tracks in 2CD and box set formats.

“On My Way Up” shows Brian in a thoughtful mood in the attic of his home as he flips through old photographs of himself and memorabilia from his illustrious career. As the uplifting and enjoyable track plays, we see a clever combination of new and historic videos and stills from the guitar hero Queen. Static artifacts, photos and memories are transformed into living images that reflect his passion for so many projects in different fields through distinct periods of his life until we find Brian today, surrounded by those things that portray his current sensibilities – stereoscopy, astronomy, animal protection, natural spaces as Brian sings and plays with his message of positivity and personal growth.

A regular feature of Brian’s solo gigs, “On My Way Up” is an upbeat belt originally commissioned for the 1994 series 2 of the ITV comedy drama series Frank Stubbs as work on the Queen’s Made in Heaven album unfolded. continued. Backing vocalists Cathy Porter and Shelley Preston help the melody come to a head, in keeping with Stubbs’ character as the show’s main character.

“The central character of this song is someone who’s basically a loser,” May says, “but has total belief and a kind of insane optimism, and he’s going somewhere, you know, ‘Man, I’m on my way’ kind of thing. So that was the song. It got soaked up in different things once I started the track, but it’s basically funny. It’s funny, and it’s upbeat and loud.

He adds that while he was creating the song, “I had a moment of conviction and joy thinking, ‘Yeah, I can really do this, it’s gonna be okay. It’s a very happy song, and it’s one of the forces that propelled me through the album and made me want to put it out and make me want to put it out now.

Watch the video below.

The 15-track rarities collection from the new edition of the album, entitled Another Disc, also includes Brian’s live version of “On My Way Up”, performed in Paris in 1998, and a new version for guitar, which he says, “It’s nice to just pick up the guitar and sing it with a guitar, so there’s a couple of those versions out there. I especially like the one on ‘On My Way Up’ because it is very gross. It’s just gross, and I haven’t done anything about it but play.

The new “On My Way Up” music video is the latest in a series of videos highlighting the re-release of a landmark album from May’s solo career. These also include a Bri-Art lyric video for his version of Buddy Holly’s “Maybe Baby”, one of the rarities from the second disc, and another short in which he talks about revisiting the island of El Hierro. , where the memorable cover image for Another World was captured.

In his new Another World 2022 album liner notes, Brian notes how far we’ve all come since the album was released in 1998, but also that exploring feels very appropriate right now. “It may seem like in 2022 we ARE in another world,” he writes, “but if that isn’t quite the world we asked for, maybe we can still reach that world. perfect… in our dreams. MEET ME !!!”

Video “On the way to the top”:

“Maybe Baby” Lyric Video:

(Picture – Richard Gray © Duck Productions Ltd)

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