Reolink Argus PT 2K security camera review: Remote pan and tilt with person and vehicle detection

The Reolink Argus PT 2K security camera looks a lot like the

Argus PT Pro

and the Argus PT that I reviewed in 2020. But what makes this camera stand out are the features inside its compact body.

The Reolink Argus PT camera offers 2K resolution and has in-camera pan and tilt functionality controlled by your mobile phone. You can pan 355 degrees and tilt 140 degrees to get the best viewing angle for your space.

You can save the recordings directly on the camera using a micro SD card up to 128 GB and manage them from your mobile phone.

Alternatively, you can use Reolink cloud service to store your information in the cloud, which is free for short-term storage for one camera. Plans start at $3.49 per month for more cameras and longer storage.

Camera resolution is 2560 x 1440px with adjustable frames per second from 10fps to 15fps – bitrate can be adjusted from 1024kbps to 4096kbps.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the PIR motion sensor to detect slight motion from a distance or slide the switch to reduce false alarms.


  • Easy to set up via app
  • Impressive pan and tilt
  • Local or cloud storage

Do not like

The Argus PT 2K is IP64 rated, so it’s dust and splash proof so it can handle the rain.

The camera will use either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi – unlike many other security cameras, so you don’t need a dual-band Wi-Fi system to operate the camera.

The Argus PT 2K will also work wirelessly. To recharge its battery, attach it to a solar panel (not included) and mount the camera wherever you want. You can also buy a

Reolink solar panel

as an additional accessory.

The camera also has a handy strap so you can mount it on a tree or pole on your property. Use the app settings to check when the battery needs to be changed.

The camera will detect people or vehicles and give clear views up to 33ft in the dark, but only in black and white.

You can configure a siren to sound when people, vehicles, and other objects are detected, and you can specify a time when the siren will sound. You can also record a voice alert to ring instead of the standard siren sound.

Setting up the Argus PT 2K camera is simple. Download the Reolink app from the store, turn on the camera using the switch, enable Wi-Fi, scan the QR code on the camera and assign an access password.

Connecting to the full range of Reolink security cameras is also quick and easy, with no tedious controls to set up.


Eileen Brown

The application interface is simple to use. You can configure the app screen to display an immersive, picture-in-picture or in-app view, and configure all the settings you need, including two-way talk, detection settings, recording resolution and timing of the siren.

The camera supports two-way audio so you can talk to someone via the built-in microphone.

It works well if you want to use the camera as a front door camera.

You can clearly hear the person at the door through the app, and speech through the camera’s microphone is clear and reasonably loud.

However, you must be within 10 feet of the camera outdoors to be able to hear the microphone.

The siren isn’t very loud outside – and while it scares animals, it’s not loud enough to be heard from inside the house if it’s more than 10 feet away. the property. You will have to rely on email alerts or notifications.

I love Reolink’s range of cameras. Simple to install, configure and manage, these cameras can be quickly set up and forgotten about – until they detect an approaching person or vehicle and ensure your safety.

For peace of mind and an effective porch monitor and two-way talk system, these cameras might be just what you need to keep your place safe.

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