Saras-3D launches 3D-based learning experience for grades 9-12

Saras-3D, Inc has launched a sponsorship program for schools across India to provide them with high quality 3D technology based learning experience. Each of the selected schools will receive Stereoscopic 3D Classroom Experience, Stereoscopic 3D Lab Experience and Specialized Teacher Training worth Rs 50 Lacs. The software consists of 4-year annual subscriptions for students in grades 9-12 studying Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for both modules.

It will use the power of interactive visualization to develop a deeper understanding of science and math concepts and support 2x faster learning and retention. Through this sponsorship initiative, schools and students will be provided with the skills that will enable them to compete globally, he claims.

Saras-3D announced CHARUSAT as the first sponsor of this program. Under this agreement, CHARUSAT will exclusively sponsor a total of 12 schools across Gujarat. Applications are invited from English language schools. Schools teaching science (physics, chemistry, and biology) and math in grades 9-12 must follow the NCERT or CBSE curriculum. The student population in all classes should also be 300 or more.

This will be a month-long process during which various schools in Gujarat will be invited to complete their applications, demonstrating their eligibility to receive these sponsorships. A high-level committee of leading education and industry experts has been formed to oversee the selection process.

Commenting on the launch, Kashyap Mankad, Former Group Director at ISRO and Founding Member and Consulting Technical Director, 3D EdTech, said, “The School Sponsorship Program is the first step towards building a STEM education ecosystem. , we believe that India has the talent and resources to produce the best STEM innovators of tomorrow. As part of this program, we will partner with like-minded organizations and institutions, to help schools build a culture of STEM education, while promoting a learning-by-doing methodology.

Commenting on the partnership, Devang Joshi, Registrar, Charusat said, “We are delighted that SARAS-3D has volunteered to support our initiative to promote science and math education. Our vision is to create an ecosystem for the proliferation of socially responsible and technically sound engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We want deserving schools to come forward and take advantage of this opportunity and embrace technology that facilitates a STEM culture.

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