Secure your home with 34% off these Eufy security cameras

There is no shortage of home security cameras with local storage and Eufy products are some of the best you will find in this category. The Security Solo OutdoorCam C24 is a great choice if you want a weatherproof outdoor camera with 2K resolution, and Eufy’s Security Solo IndoorCam P24 is a solid choice for indoor use.

If you need an outdoor wireless camera, the EufyCam 2 Pro is the obvious choice, and with a year-long battery life it far outperforms other products in this category. And the best part is, unlike Google and Amazon, you won’t have to pay a monthly fee to view your records or receive real-time notifications, as all data is stored locally.

So if you are looking to buy outdoor and indoor security cameras as well as a wireless video doorbell and want something that will record locally, Eufy is the perfect choice. The Security Solo OutdoorCam C24 is now on sale for $ 75, $ 25 less than it usually costs, and you can buy two of the EufyCam 2 Pro outdoor wireless cameras for $ 250, savings of $ 70. The Interior Security Solo IndoorCam P24 also gets a decent saving of $ 12 and is now only $ 40, and finally, Eufy’s Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is down $ 54 and is now available for only $ 105.

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