Some Google Nest cameras and doorbells are getting delayed notifications


When it comes to our home security, Google’s Nest camera and doorbell lines are some of the best options. Google ensures the complete security of your home with its smart home solutions.

Users can manage their Google Nest cameras and doorbells using the Nest app or the Google Home app. These apps notify you immediately as someone shows up to your home.

These gadgets are only useful when they alert you to the exact time someone is arriving at your home.

However, lately some users are complaining (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that notifications from Google Nest cameras and doorbells are delayed.

Users report delayed notification issues with outdoor cameras and doorbells on their phones, while the same notifications arrive on time on other Google Assistant devices like the Google Nest Hub.

Here are some reports for reference:


@googlenesthelp hi i have a long delay in notifications. Received a visitor at 7:59 am and did not receive the iPhone alert until 8:09 am. It happened all day. The wifi is good, everything seems to be updated. No suggestion? Never had this problem until today … (Source)

Hello, I have the same problem here. Notifications are on time on Nest Hub and all other Google Assistant devices, but delayed on phones. Android and iPhone have the same problem. It gets annoying that the doorbell is unreliable. (Source)

Notifications are delayed for around 10-20 minutes in almost all cases. Affected people tried changing their Wi-Fi network and restarting the device, but nothing worked.

This issue has been bothering Google Nest users for some time now and looking at several reports, it appears to be a widespread issue that affects a lot of them.

On the bright side, Google Nest support has acknowledged this issue and said it is currently investigating it. However, they haven’t shared any ETAs on when this issue will actually be fixed.


Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround available for affected users to try to resolve this issue. All in all, you’ll have to wait for Google to fix it and hopefully that will be fixed soon.

That said, we’ll keep you posted on any further development of the Google Nest camera and doorbell delayed notifications issue as we notice anything new.

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