Tax breaks for employees and businesses exceed € 2 billion this year

The total tax relief package exceeds € 2 billion as planned by the Ministry of Finance and has been reflected in the 2022 budget.

It mainly concerns private sector employees who will continue this year to benefit from the suspension of the payment of the “special solidarity contribution” and the extension of the “discount” of insurance contributions by three percentage points.

Otherwise for 2022.


The new fair values ​​have been applied since the start of the year, with increases in around 7,000 areas of the country, leading to an increase in the ENFIA (mainly in areas that are part of the objective property valuation system at from this year) but also lower in areas where the objective values ​​are reduced. The new ENFIA will include the additional tax and the additional tax, in order to limit the increases for owners who from January 1 will see their target prices increase.

According to the announcements, the payment of the tax will begin at the end of March and the approximately 6.3 million owners will be able for the first time to reimburse ENFIA in 8 or 10 monthly installments.

“Abolition” of the solidarity contribution – maintenance of the reduction in insurance contributions by 3 points for the private sector:

The measures which have brought significant relief to millions of employees will be maintained in 2022. The benefits of the “freeze” of the solidarity contribution to the annual income of employees reach up to 2,771 for high salaries, and up to 540 euros from the maintenance of reduced contributions.

Additional tax deduction with e-receipts

Taxpayers who carry out transactions with electronic means of payment with specific sectors of activity up to 5,000 euros per year, will be exempt from tax of 30% of their expenses, as these expenses will be deducted from taxable income. The list of occupations that “will matter” to taxpayers in particular, electronic payments will include plumbers, electricians, oil painters, refrigerators, architects, lawyers, funeral homes, personal care and nursing services. , cleaning and maintenance services, babysitting and travel, starvation, laundries. , yacht charter services, consultancy services, photographers, as well as gymnasiums and dance schools.

At the same time, to cover 30% of the real annual income, the annual expenditure of taxpayers for visits to doctors, dentists, orthodontists and veterinarians, as well as for examinations in private diagnostic centers and for other medical services, to the l ‘except for the purchase of drugs and hospitalization.

New lottery tax

It is being reformed to become more attractive and encourage taxpayers to increase their online transactions. It will distribute up to 50,000 euros per month to lucky taxpayers. A super raffle with a prize of 100,000 euros will take place at Christmas. According to the promoted changes, every month 500 lucky people will earn from 1,000 euros, 70 from 5,000 euros, 5 from 20,000 euros and a super lucky taxpayer will earn 50,000 euros.

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