TECNO launches flagship PHANTOM X, featuring sleek design and extraordinary camera


2021 sees TECNO venture to new heights by announcing its brand new flagship smartphone, PHANTOM X. Launch July 1st 2021, PHANTOM X features a sleek borderless 3D display design and the industry’s first silk glass back cover. The combination of 50MP ultra-night camera and industry-leading 1 / 1.3 ultra-wide sensor, 48MP ultra-clear selfie camera with 105 ° ultra-wide angle, not to mention super mode AI-assisted night and 50mm golden portrait, provides a big leap in camera performance. Powered by 4700mAh, 256G + 8G large memory and newly updated HiOS 7.6 system, PHANTOM X enables and supports every experience in your life and work.

Committed to bringing bold and extraordinary innovations to users in design, technology and comprehensive user experience, PHANTOM X enables consumers to feel their best throughout their special moments in life. PHANTOM X will be available in two artistic colors: Starry Night by Van Gogh and Summer Garden by Monet. Customers can get PHANTOM X through the Single Online Website www.mobile-phantom.com and shop at local TECNO stores in Africa and other countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Colombia and more.

“We are proud to present the all new PHANTOM X. It’s an amazing start that encapsulates TECNO’s vision, encapsulating and reframing for a new, more discerning consumer audience,” said Stephen Ha, CEO of TECNO, “PHANTOM X is’ not just an innovative premium smartphone; it enables the lifestyle of modern extraordinary individuals to be daring to reject the ordinary, to always strive for success and to have the ambition to reach new heights. With this in mind, we aim to continually make inroads in product and design innovation, as we have done with PHANTOM X. ”

Extraordinary beauty of design

PHANTOM X is equipped with a unique borderless 3D display, integrated with a unique arc design at the right angle of 36.5 ° to allow a comfortable grip. The premium 6.7 inch screen provides a pleasant experience for videos and games. Borderless, the borderless 3D display features a wide bend angle of up to 70 °, allowing text and images to blend seamlessly with the edges of the device endlessly. The best AMOLED display projects a streamlined, fluid view of the world around you.


The new PHANTOM X offers the industry’s first etched curved glass surface texture. The innovative silk glass is based on a series of complex testing and manufacturing procedures, finally creating the elegant touch of “silk delicacy” and “glass shine”. The extraordinary engraved textured design features refined vertical lines, producing pure artistic expression based on exquisite craftsmanship.

PHANTOM X offered two classic colors: Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer. Van Gogh’s Starry Night presents a stellar spectacle of the mysteriously nebulous sky. Monet’s summer is a display of warm, exuberant colors. Both are perfect options for adventurous explorers and innovators.


Extraordinary pleasure of technology

Extraordinary camera performance

The powerful camera system of the PHANTOM X device consists of three rear cameras and two front cameras. PHANTOM X adopts an advanced 50MP ultra-night camera with a 1 / 1.3 inch ultra-wide sensor, which makes it easy to take sharp and professional photos. The 50MP Ultra-Night camera with 1 / 1.3 inch Ultra-Large sensor can absorb 33% more light from the outdoor environment compared to the camera with 108MP camera with 1/1 sensor, 5 inch. With a wider ISO range and less noise, better exposure, users have the opportunity to capture unexpected beauty with 2.4m pixel size in 4 in 1 mode, without having to sacrifice the quality of the image even under complex lighting conditions.

Imagine taking a selfie with PHANTOM X’s 48 MP ultra-clear camera, you can capture all the details like: clearer skin textures, sharper facial features and even brighter smiles. It is ideal for individual and group selfies with the ultra-wide 105 ° angle assisted by AI. With the self-developed AI face recommendation switching algorithm, when multiple faces are detected, the selfie camera automatically recommends users to switch to ultra-wide shooting mode to meet the needs of those multi-part selfies.

PHANTOM X, equipped with a 50mm Golden Portrait macro lens to capture detailed portraits with a short focal length, comparable to professional portrait lenses. Users can also choose from seven diverse portrait lighting effects without changing the photo background. Three professional portrait color schemes are available to choose from to suit different skin tone types, according to multi-regional aesthetic and consumer requirements.

With PHANTOM X’s Super Night Mode, night photography will never be a challenge again. Even in dark environments of less than 0.1 lux, PHANTOM X can bring more vivid details than with the naked eye with the algorithm camera using AI segmentation and night protection. While optimizing image purity, focus speed and color representation at night. PHANTOM X lets you easily capture glorious city night scenes with Super Night View 3.0, and even lets you take stylish portraits in spectacular night view with the help of Super Night Portrait.

Extraordinary inner power

PHANTOM X enables users to become up-to-date mobile gamers with large storage capacity, powerful battery, as well as efficient user interface and operating system design. With 8G + 256GB of storage, users can capture endless memorable pictures and videos. Plus, you can always stay cool with the powerful 4,700mAh battery. When fully charged, it can support 30 days of battery standby time, 16 hours video streaming, and 9 hours video meeting. With a 33W flash charge, 30 minutes of charging can increase the charge up to 70% battery life and 60 minutes of charge up to 100%. In addition, PHANTOM X is fully improved in terms of user interface design, intelligent operation and system performance, providing higher efficiency and ease of use. Be among the coolest and newest smartphone users with PHANTOM X, fully charged and ready for any challenge.


Extraordinary exclusivity of pleasure

PHANTOM X also has an advanced AI voice assistant which is fluent in English and Hausa language and can respond to your instructions even when you are offline. Activate Ella by calling “Hi Ella” whenever users need to make phone calls, set alarms, listen to music, launch Riding Mode and more, all without lifting a finger.

Additionally, for other language barriers, PHANTOM X has an AI live transcription feature that can transcribe over 70 languages, allowing you to communicate with over 80% of the world’s population without difficulty. Real-time and accessible communication is designed for interactive conversations with a large audience. For business documents, one-button document photography correction detects erroneous data with intelligent precision and extracts words from all kinds of images.

In addition, PHANTOM X provides a series of promising security measures to protect user privacy. Features like Peek Proof and the app’s encryption masking can prevent your information from being leaked. Even in the event that users accidentally lose their PHANTOM X, an anti-theft feature alerts and remotely locks your device. Only you can unlock your smartphone, giving yourself confidence and ensuring the security of your personal and sensitive information. The ultra-thin fingerprint under the screen allows you to unlock PHANTOM X in less than 0.4 seconds, giving you optimum unlocking speed without compromising on security.


Other features of PHANTOM X:

  • Full Pixel Dual Core Focus + Laser Focus: Find focus in the blink of an eye with dual-core focus and laser focus.
  • AI portrait restoration: The use of integrated neural networks ensures that every portrait is flawless.
  • Film mode: Edit your own motion pictures with your own hands, whether for business or pleasure.
  • Video portrait mode: Blurs cluttered backgrounds and keeps you in focus, even when you’re on the go.
  • Slow motion at 960 fps: Every fleeting moment can resemble memories frozen in time.
  • Most used integrated Office software: Start your day with the most commonly used apps.
  • Floating Chatter Box: Receive pop-up message notifications in bubble form and chat with your friends without interrupting your favorite videos.
  • One Button Smart Phone Clone: Transfer everything in your old phone to a new one quickly, efficiently and hassle-free with just a few clicks.


PHANTOM is TECNO’s latest redefined sub-brand dedicated to high-end consumers. As brand new sub-brand created for exceptional individuals who take every opportunity to break boundaries, reshape things and be extraordinary, TECNO PHANTOM is committed to bringing them bold and extraordinary innovations in design, technology and performance. total user experience, allowing them to feel their extraordinary qualities and their successful moments of life. PHANTOM X, the newest addition to PHANTOM, brings many extraordinary innovations – a sleek and chic design, a borderless view, fearless and extraordinary operation to inspire users to do more. By combining inspiring technology and a unique aesthetic, PHANTOM presents technologies in the form of an elegance that is at the heart of the brand. the spirit of “Be Bold and Be Extraordinary”, allowing consumers to enjoy the unlimited fun that technology brings. AT find out more about the PHANTOM brand and buy PHANTOM X online, please visit the exclusive PHANTOM website www.mobile-phantom.com .


TECNO is a premium brand of smartphones and AIoT devices from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop at nothing” as the essence of its brand, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals in global emerging markets, offering them smart products with elegant designs that inspire consumers to discover a world of possibilities. TECNO understands the needs of consumers in different markets and provides them with localized innovations and design breakthroughs demonstrated by their mastery of serving “young at heart” consumers and never ceases to strive for excellence. TECNO’s portfolio includes smartphones, tablets, smart wearable devices and AIoT devices designed for consumers in more than 60 emerging markets around the world. TECNO is also the official partner of Manchester City, Premier League champions 2020-21. For more information you can visit www.tecno-mobile.com.

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