Ten things you might not like about the Nikon Z9


The Nikon Z9 officially launched in late October and on paper it looks fantastic. It’s still only available for pre-orders, but Matt Granger got his hands on a pre-production model to test it out. Even though the camera comes with a bunch of great features, there are some things you might not like about it – and Matt walks you through ten of them in his latest video.

  1. The Fn Button: There are many customizable buttons on the Z9, but the Fn button on the vertical grip is misplaced, so it’s hard to find it without looking.
  2. The screen: The Z9 has a dual-tilt display, but Matt says it could have been better designed. It is easy to accidentally tilt it back and forth simultaneously, which makes it fragile and even easier to tear off.
  3. Flash Sync: The Z9 allows flash sync up to 1/200, and Matt would like to see it even faster because this camera has the fastest sensor reading of any camera on the market.
  4. Buffer: Matt would like to see a larger buffer in the Z9 so it can catch up with all the photos taken in burst mode. Still, users say it only takes about a second to clear the buffer, so it’s not that big of a deal.
  5. No 3D tracking in video: 3D tracking is a staple of Nikon cameras, so it’s a shame the Z9 doesn’t have it for video as that would be really useful.
  6. Port covers: In the Z9, the port covers have been downgraded to just two doors. This means you need to expose more ports than you need.
  7. It’s easy to lose track of photos (and therefore data used) when shooting in burst mode, as there is no tactile feedback to remind you that you are accumulating data. But it’s an adjustment you’ll have to make and something you’ll have to get used to.
  8. Switching from OVF to EVF is another adjustment you’re going to make, but if you’re already a mirrorless user, I think you’re good to go.
  9. The card door mechanism is a little difficult to open on purpose, but it is easy to accidentally open it.
  10. The Z9 would benefit from anti-theft technology such as passwords or fingerprints. But then again, wouldn’t all high-end cameras be?

Matt would also like to see Nikon make an adapter for the older D lenses. This is not just the Z9, but the entire Z series. Many users shoot with older lenses and they would like to adapt them to their newer cameras. from the Z series.

In the video, Matt admits he was a bit picky about the Z9’s downsides. But still, maybe some of them are very important to some of you so they are worth mentioning. Personally, I don’t see them as a major drawback, especially with all the other features of the Z9. But then again, I’m just a hobbyist who is perfectly happy with a ten-year-old DSLR.

[10 Things I DON’T LIKE about the Z9 | Matt Granger]

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