Tesmec launches an integrated 3D digital twin system

Tesmec recently launched its brand new Mobile Mapping System (MMS) at bauma 2022 – an integrated radar mapping system of the underground and high precision digital 3D survey system for the environment above.

The MMS is equipped with a detection system installed on top of an Explorer 2.0 ground penetrating radar. The survey system is designed to perform a georeferenced 3D reconstruction through the union of two types of data: the 3D point cloud obtained through the use of LIDAR technology; and the 3D point cloud obtained by stereoscopy algorithms, applied to images acquired by high-resolution area-matrix cameras. The resulting point cloud with the superimposed image is then subjected to digital re-elaboration processing, carried out by sophisticated artificial intelligence networks in order to obtain a georeferenced and precise cartography.

The MMS detection system has an accuracy of about 2 cm, and returns a cloud of points of the surrounding environment that can be consulted on the cloud platform, useful for good site planning.

Explorer 2.0 is the very high precision Tesmec geo-radar equipped with 32 antennas which scans the ground to a depth of 96 cm, and which is able to operate, towed by the vehicle, at a maximum speed of 17 km/h . The output generated by Explorer 2.0 consists of mapping of existing underground infrastructure, useful for preliminary excavation surveys. In fact, the use of geo-radar makes it possible to reduce the time of execution of the works, which contributes to guaranteeing the safety of the construction sites and allows greater precision in the excavation works, avoiding the possibility of damaging existing underground networks.

The integration of the two surveys makes it possible to obtain a 3D digital cartography on a cloud platform, on which the as-built map, generated by SmartTracker Tesmec, can be superimposed.

An integrated dashboard with a GIS engine is available via a web platform to display information from surveys and treatments, which allows the georeferenced and simultaneous display of data. Specially configured interfaces allow navigation through different types of data, such as visible images and high-resolution videos, thermal images, laser point clouds and three-dimensional BIM models.

Marco Quarta, head of new technologies at Tesmec, comments:

“The Mobile Mapping System is a solution that can be combined with excavation technology and is complementary to it. Digital transformation has naturally pushed us towards creating a new portfolio of technologies and business models.

“This is another step towards providing integrated solutions for the underground laying of high-tech cables. The product is part of the group’s growth strategy, placed under the sign of digitalization, sustainability and energy transition, with the aim of bringing the advanced skills in image processing and artificial intelligence acquired by the group in different verticals towards still unexplored markets.

Read the article online at: https://www.globalminingreview.com/mining/11112022/tesmec-launches-3d-digital-twin-integrated-system/

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