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You don’t need the latest camera to capture the perfect video or still image. Newer smartphones, such as the iPhone 12, are equipped with high-resolution cameras to deliver exceptional shots every time. And, to help you with your photography business, we’ve got all the iPhone accessories to add to your arsenal.

While iPhones are a great way to take photos, there’s nothing wrong with ordering a few accessories to improve your results. Fortunately, the tech industry is full of iPhone photography gadgets, and we have the best selection in today’s Daily Digest.

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With our pick of the top 10 accessories designed for different iPhone models, you can shoot high impact scenes without jerking and get the perfect lighting with a portable LED flash. Maybe you want to capture every detail of a small object. If so, we also have the gadget for that. Read on for the must-sees.

1. Get the perfect lighting for your shots with the Anker LED Flash for iPhone. It’s a photographic gadget that adds new levels of depth, range and clarity to your smartphone shots.

Compatible with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the Anker LED Flash for iPhone is portable while providing 50 minutes of use from a single charge. This gadget offers two modes to help you discover more creative possibilities: Dual Flash and Flashlight. In addition, it offers no lag and has a flexible cord that allows you to move it from different angles.

Order this iPhone accessory for $ 34.99.

2. Capture life-size images of tiny objects with the Moment Macro 10x objective. It also captures rich textures and materials.

Use the 10x Moment Macro lens to take photos up to an inch away from your subject and capture details, like water droplets, that you’ve never seen before with a smartphone. It also comes with a removable diffuser cover that lets you capture the smallest details with lighting evenly distributed over the entire subject.

Buy this gadget for $ 129.99.

3. The MOSFiATA 10.2 ″ Selfie Ring Light offers 3 colors of light (white, warm and cold) and 11 levels of brightness.

Designed with arched shade, the MOSFiATA 10.2 10 Selfie Ring Light provides 20% increase in the softness of the light, which can reduce the light to stimulate your eyes. Plus, you can rotate the phone mount to your ideal angle, allowing you to get flattering photos in any environment. Powered by USB and controlled with a Bluetooth remote, this iPhone photography accessory is a must have.

Order this iPhone gadget on Amazon for $ 39.99.

4. Create beautiful movies and photos with SANDMARC lenses and filters. These iPhone accessories are easy to snap on and off.

SANDMARC lenses and filters include anamorphic, macro, telephoto, wide angle, and fisheye lenses. Or choose a filter from the following options: Drama Polarizer, Motion Variable, Hybrid ND / PL and Scape ND. There are even other iPhone photography gadgets in the Photography Edition and Cinema Edition collections.

Order these iPhone accessories from $ 69.99.

5. Stabilize your smartphone with Moment holders for iPhone 12 with MagSafe. Now you can take photos anywhere.

Easily attach Moment iPhone 12 mounts with MagSafe to your car vent, handle, walls, microphone, tripod and more. Designed with padded contact points, these accessories are safe to connect to your phone. Importantly, you can also use these mounts to watch hands-free videos or easily browse the internet.

Buy these frames for $ 19.99.

6. Easily start and stop videos with the DJI Osmo Mobile 4. It features a magnetic design for more stability when capturing moments.

With gesture control and ActiveTrack 3.0, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 allows you to take photos and videos without asking another person for help or having to use a remote control. Plus, the magnetic phone clip easily snaps onto your smartphone and comes off just as easily. Best of all, its compact size easily folds up for on-the-go.

Order this foldable phone gimbal for $ 149.

7. You can move the Moment M-Series multi-directional lens mount left, right, up, or down. It is a photography prop compatible with iPhones, Android phones and iPads.

Sleek and lightweight, the Moment M-Series multidirectional lens mount is durable without being bulky. It’s also very easy to install – just slide it down to hold it in place. It even uses soft rubber contact points wherever it touches your phone to provide grip without scratching the surface. Then you can start filming your next shot.

Buy this multidirectional lens mount for $ 29.99.

8. Take your smartphone photography to new heights with SANDMARC lenses to capture every detail.

The SANDMARC lens collection includes macro, telephoto, wide angle, fisheye and anamorphic. This diversity allows you to get a variety of shots from your smartphone. Plus, they offer 2x optical magnification, making them perfect for portraits and cityscapes.

Order this iPhone gadget for $ 69.99.

9. Record cinema-quality footage with the SANDMARC Anamorphic Video Lens for iPhone X. It’s super portable and versatile.

The SANDMARC Anamorphic Video Lens for iPhone X lets you capture cinematic footage with ultra-wide aspect ratio and more. In addition, this iPhone photography gadget has a unique oval shape that allows it to capture more horizontal information.

Buy this iPhone accessory for $ 129.99.

10. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone gimbal is designed for on the go. With smart functions and long battery life, this iPhone photography gadget is designed for budding photographers.

Finally, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone gimbal is an essential iPhone accessory with built-in sensors and a brushless motor to ensure stability. Whether you’re shooting on a skateboard or running, this stabilizer stays stable. What’s more, it can even charge your smartphone while in use.

Order this smartphone gimbal on Amazon for $ 74.

Overall, these iPhone photography gadgets deliver exceptional results and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use them. What are your favorite iPhone accessories? Share your must-haves in the comments.

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